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  1. Hello, I have a 2009 KTM 450 EXCR that I ride as a supermoto so it's street only. I'm putting together a list of what I want to do this winter maintenance etc. Anyways is there anything for these bikes that can be done for more power? I've seen the thumper racing big bore kit but I would kind of like to avoid that just due to replacement parts down the line since it appears everything with that is custom. I haven't seen anything like cams for this model. Right now it's stock other then a JD jet kit and runs good just more power is always fun.
  2. blackcamaro

    RFS fork and shock on 08+ EXC

    Thanks for the info, I kinda thought that about the shock but didn't realise the forks are longer too. With both being wrong I'm thinking it's probably best to wait and see if a proper set for my generation bike comes up.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a 2009 450 EXC that I use mostly as a supermoto. Locally someone has forks and shock from an 05 exc for sale, my question is will they fit my generation bike? I'd be getting the 05 stuff revalved for supermoto and keep the current stuff on my bike for offroad. Thanks!
  4. Hello So my gf and I started riding last summer and we're looking to upgrade our bikes newer/new. My gf, she is 5'2" 105lbs currently rides an kx85. Would be at a beginner level but has all the basics down. Would a YZ125 or KTM 150sx lowered and a flywheel weight be a good set up? Me, lots of street experience but just been starting out in the dirt. I was riding a 05 YZ250. Looking at a 2014 KTM 250xc (2 stroke mainly but I would look at the 250 xc-f as well) or 2015 YZ250f? Avoiding the yz250fx right now do to a price difference of close to $1000. We would be riding a 50/50 mix of trails and track. We both would like to try a couple mx races and hare scrambles this year. So what would you guys recommend? Other suggestions are welcome.
  5. IMO it depends on how easy it is to make a bike street legal where you live. As of two years ago you can't register off-road vehicles for the street in my area so if you have one that was converted prior you have gold. If it is real easy to do in Texas then I wouldn't bother unless you already have almost everything required. Also you might not get more but it will be easier to sell as it appeals to a larger market now.
  6. blackcamaro

    Rm125 fork help

    Thanks I appreciate your help and looking it up at a couple different spots for me. I am going to pass on that fork leg as the part number is different between the 03 and 04 but I was thinking of picking up a used set of forks for spares.
  7. blackcamaro

    Rm125 fork help

    Hello, So I have a 2003 RM125 that has a broken compression adjuster. I have done a search and I believe I have to replace the whole fork cap. Can someone do me a favour and take a peek at the following link and confirm that part number 13 labeled Bolt, Fork is the correct part that I need. http://www.bikebandit.com/2003-suzuki-motorcycle-rm125k3/o/m6559#sch270344 It's fairly expensive so I want to make sure I get the right part. Also I am assuming it doesn't matter that I only replace one side if I am wrong let me know. Thanks
  8. blackcamaro

    2004 625 smc got a few Q's

    I have an 2004 with 25,000km and it pulls really strong and runs well. With that said I have only owned it for the past 1000km and the previous owner did have the cam follower bearing go just like tdreyer. I did buy it knowing that it could go boom at any point in time just so I am not disappointed or surprised if it does, although I doubt it will.
  9. Hello everyone, I have come across a 2004 625 SMC for sale with 15,000 miles. Assuming all the maintenance has been done and it has been ridden fairly aggressive (why else have a supermoto:smirk:) what kind of mileage should I get out of the engine? I know these bikes are supposed to be bulletproof but 15,000 miles seems kind of highish for a single. Thanks in advance
  10. blackcamaro

    Howzit Done? Stoppies! using a drz400sm

    captcrash is on supermoto junkie. His videos are pretty good for a beginner rider and the small tips that he gives are really good. I didn't watch the stoppie video but have watched others. Is watching his stoppie video going to make you a pro stunter? NO, but for guys that want to try something new and have no idea where to begin his videos are good. I give the guy credit, he is giving back to the sport and helping others.
  11. blackcamaro

    Max PSI in the tires for storage

    I am about to put my DRZ away for the winter and I was wondering what is the max PSI I should put in the tires. I am going to park it on a piece of wood instead of the cold concrete so that should help with flat spots. The part that is making me question how much is the tubes. Thanks in advance
  12. Is the 470 as reliable as a stock drz though? How many miles should someone expect to see out of it with routine service 1000 mile oil changes etc. Right now I have a 400sm with 5000 miles fcr 39 and yosh rs2. I am trying to figure out if I should do a big bore with hot cams combo this winter, or wait a year or two and get more miles out the stock motor while saving my pennies for the big dog.
  13. blackcamaro

    Removing yosh mid pipe problems.

    What worries me the most is not being able to get the acct out or once it is out not being able to fit the mcct in with the black box in the area. William I did not install the pipe but I wish the previous owner had your smarts, it seems logical.
  14. blackcamaro

    Removing yosh mid pipe problems.

    Hi everyone, I am trying to remove the mid pipe on my bike so I can get better access to the cam chain tensioner to install the mcct but it isnt budging. It is a yosh rs2. Any suggestions? also what is the best way to clean up the head pipe to remove all the crud and road grime? Thanks everyone
  15. blackcamaro

    Dr-z 400 Sm Before & After

    Thanks for posting those pictures, now i have something else added to the list of things to do. I just love the look.