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  1. dewercs

    XR100 2002 Suspension

    do you have to change the triple clamp or do the forks bolt right up?
  2. dewercs

    XR 100/ xr 80 question??????

    I found out the cams are the same with a diff. sprocket, i just went with a xr 100 head....thanks
  3. dewercs

    xr100 bent valve??

    I just bought a 2003 xr 100 yesterday for $350 with a "bent valve", took it apart and the cam spun in the journal, $300+ in parts dealer cost and not paying for labor, so I would proceed with caution:busted:
  4. dewercs

    XR 100/ xr 80 question??????

  5. dewercs

    XR 100/ xr 80 question??????

    Can I put a 1994 xr 80 head on a 2003 xr 100 if i use a xr 100 cam and spocket? Thanks Charlie
  6. dewercs

    PW50/QT50 drive gear mod

    I have read a few post about this mod and still have a few questions. Do you change both the pinion gear and rear gear or just the pinion gear? I have read where people just change the "shaft" wich I am assuming they are talking about the shaft that has the pinion gear. Also if you have to change the rear gear, is the axle the same as a PW50? Mine seams to be all one piece the axle and gear seem to be made together. I have a 2001 pw50 if it makes any difference. I was also wondering what year QT parts everyone is using? Thanks in advance Charlie
  7. dewercs

    Xr 80 carb question

  8. dewercs

    Xr 80 carb question

    I have noticed on powroll's website that certin xr 75 and xr 100's use the same jets. I have a 2002 xr 80 and want to know what year xr75 and xr100 carbs will work and if with the exception of a xr 100 air boot, what has to be changed on the intake that goes to the cylinder? I would like to change the carb on my 2002 xr 80 in order to have a wider varity of jets and tuneability, any sugestions? Thanks in advance!
  9. dewercs

    xr 80/ xr100 cylinder

    ok, let me ask this again, will the 2002 xr100 cylinder bolt on to a 2002 xr 80 case, the oil hole for the cylinder goes through the stud, I know you have to use a xr 100 head, the stroke is the same, its just the bore that is different, so if you REALLY know a answer please reply...in other words if you aren't a experianced engine builder or have done this don't bother with bs replies. Thanks
  10. dewercs

    xr 80/ xr100 cylinder

    i just got a 2002 xr 80, I noticed that the stroke of a xr100 is the same, does anyone know if a xr 100 cylinder will bolt on to a xr80 case and if so what all will have to be changed? Thanks
  11. dewercs

    Need Some Help!

    I have been bleeding the air before each moto.
  12. dewercs

    Need Some Help!

    Ok, this is a model specific question so please don't move this thread. I'm a 250/450 B rider that is a pretty good mechanic and my suspenion is set up with proper sag and a reasonable set up, the suspenion is stock but well maintained. I ride a 07 yz250f and 07 yz450f, I'm having more of a problem with the 450. Last season I had no problem at all and the bike handled like is was on rails. This year when I turn into a turn and start to lean the bike the front tire is breaking loose, I ride on intermediate to hard pack dirt, I hav used bridgestone intr. and hard pack, and maxxis intermediate and hard pack tire with a wide variety of tire psi settings... in other words I have been testing! What I don't get is nothing has changed from last season except I have been changing tires and psi settings to try to find some grip. I'm open to any suggestions. I reviewed video footage of my rideing and my form and body position looks good and is the same it was last year. I had a couple thoughts of fork oil hieght may be to high or taking out a little sag to put more wieght on the front wheel, but it is the same as last year. Sorry for the long post, and advice is greatly appreciated!! Also what front tire are you guys using? Thanks Charlie
  13. dewercs

    New Dr. D exhaust question

    look in the exhaust port of your cylinder it probly stayed in the cylinder
  14. dewercs

    07 250F suspension

    If your Collars " pre load nut and locking nut" are hard tp turn then they are "SPRUNG" wich is what happened to mine, you will probly have to cut them off, take a spring compressor and compress the spring, then take off the spring and see if they turn freely, if not they will have to be cut off, i weigh 151lbs and I was just being easy on the bike and sprung the the pre load ring, the pre load ring and locking nut was about $55 stock and I think $59 for RG3 wich was a alot better with more thread engagment, I am talking about the two at the top of the shock with threads, not the bottom collar
  15. dewercs

    07 250F suspension

    i just had this happen on a brand new 07 250f, i went out to brake it in, just riding it easy and when I went to set the sag, the collar wouldn't turn, it was bent and i had to cut it off with a dremel tool, I did some research and I have two brand new stock collars I will sell you to get through the weekend, but I ended up using RG3 collars, they are great I would recomend shipping them faster than ground since they took forever to get, i also blew the right fork seal the first race, yamaha gave me a seal but would not do anything about the shock. I have a 07 450f and have not had any problems