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  1. Happy Birthday 250aleX!

  2. 250aleX

    I want your Trail Wings

    Im looking for a set of trail wings for my DR-Z. PM me if you have a set your looking to get rid of. Thanks, Alex
  3. 250aleX

    Differences R and X-camshaft?

    When i replaced my cam with one from an R i noticed the X camshaft had more of a point on the ends where as the R was more rounded off. Mabey take a pic while your in there and we can compare it..
  4. 250aleX

    CAUTION: Oil Filter Cover Bolts torque

    i striped my lower bolt on my bike. the threads came right out with the bolt. pay atention to torque like everyone has said
  5. 250aleX

    Anyon dual sport a 250X in TN????

    I was just wondering if any of y'all have a tag on your bike and what forms you need and who needs to sign them. I'm desperately trying to register my bike because the police are really crackin down on bikes in my area and its hard to get anywhere w/o coming closer to the road than the cops like. It seems like every time I ride i get pulled over. Thanks, Alex
  6. 250aleX


    What part of chatt. are you from??? Up here on Signal I ride Edwards Point pretty often. Its got some pretty good trails...mostly 2 track and we also have a gas line that is pretty tough. PM me if you wanna ride sometime.
  7. 250aleX

    Dual Sport-Tennessee

    I'm kinda looking for a sure fire way to get tags because the DMV near me I'll have to wait at leats an hour, but if I drive 45min I will only have to wait about 15min. I'd rather get all the forms and only do it once. Thanks for the suggestion I may give it a try.
  8. 250aleX

    Dual Sport-Tennessee

    Im trying to dual sport my CRF250X in Tennessee and I was wondering what forms i need to take to the DMV to get a tag. I've heard all I need is an inspection form filled out by a police officer and and my title and they will give mt a tag. Also if my title is off-road only does the inspection sheet allow them to change it??? Thanks in advance. Alex
  9. 250aleX

    1k miles

    I just rolled over 1000 miles wednesday and was wondering how many yall have. I've only had the bike for ~ 3 1/2 months (dec. 23rd) and so far i've put the R cam and opened up the air box and rejetted and thats all thats done to the motor. So far I havent had any valve problems (knock on wood) and I've never shimmed them. Post up your mileage and lets see who has the highest mileage X.
  10. 250aleX

    '06 valve problems?

    I jsut wanted to say i have over 700miles on my bike and i've put all tht on the bike in 2 1/2 months and i hanent had to adjust my valves yet. I'm sure i will at some point but so far so good.
  11. 250aleX

    Tinted Taillight???

    Heres a couple of pics.... The light is a lot brighter than it looks in the pic while it's running
  12. 250aleX

    Tinted Taillight???

    Well I just got done tinting it and it turned out great. It looks black when it's off and is completly red around the l.e.d's but black on the edges when it's on. THanks for the advice.
  13. 250aleX

    Tinted Taillight???

    I'll try that and tell yall how it turns out Thanks
  14. 250aleX

    Tinted Taillight???

    Thanks for the link but does anyone know how I could do it myself?
  15. 250aleX

    Tinted Taillight???

    I've seen som pics of 250 & 450X's with tinted taillights and was wondering how I could tint mine.