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  1. redrider250f

    08 Exhaust?

    looking to buy an after market exhaust for my 08 CRF 250 R. what do u guys run and recommend(was thinking FMF factory 4.1 with megabomb?). What about jetting with an exhaust.. Thanks
  2. redrider250f

    Blown up or what?

    I took my head off, and there is no hole in the piston, but it is really black on top. I looked at the rings through the exhaust port and they looked ok to me. I will probably just put a top end in it anyway now that it is apart. But still not sure exactly what the problem is.
  3. redrider250f

    Blown up or what?

    My 02 CR 125 was running really good ever since i bought it. The other day i started it and went to take off after it was warmed up, and it died. I just thought that i fouled the plug, so i put a new plug in and nothing. I have tried every plug i have, even bran new ones. You can see a spark. And i can push down the kick start with my pinkey finger even when the plug is in tight. But for some reason the plug isnt wet, so do you guys think that it is blown up or needs a head gasket or what? Thanks for all your replies!!
  4. redrider250f

    NEw style fender?

    I have a 2002 CR 125 and i was wondering if i could put a newer style front fender on it from say an 04 or 05. Thanks
  5. redrider250f

    Should I

    I have been riding at a track for about 4 or 5 months and i have actually gotten pretty good. 3 of my buddies got bikes at the same time and none of them will hit the big jumps at the local track, and i can lap my one buddie. I really want to join the CMRC(begginer class) here in Ontario. My one friends who has been racing for about 4 years said that i should get top 10 at least. But i am afraid that i might fold under the pressure, i am not used to riding with 40 bikes. Do you guys think that i should go for it or not!!! Thanks
  6. redrider250f


    Will a Procircuit Platinum with an R 304 shorty silencer have any difference in power gains than an FMF gold series fatty with a shorty silencer, on my 2002 CR 125. Also which sound better. Thanks
  7. redrider250f

    PC or FMF???

    Have u tried PC also?
  8. redrider250f

    2002 CR250 FWW size?

    I noticed that each of you guys have the 2 different pipes i am trying to decide on. How do u guys like the pc platinum and the fmf fatty. Thanks.
  9. redrider250f

    PC or FMF???

    I have a 2002 CR 125, i want to put either an FMF gold series Fatty with a shorty silencer, or a Pro Circuit Platinum with a shorty silencer.. Which do you guys think is better. Thanks, o and which is louder?
  10. redrider250f


    I went out and bought a pair of mx boots. I got thor quadrants, are these any good? Some of my buddies say that i should get alpinestar tech 8's, some say to stick with these for now, since i am just a bigginer racer. Help me out, does anyone own these boots.
  11. redrider250f


    I am a beginner rider and i went and bought mx boots. I bought Thor quadrants, are they any good? Some of my buddies tell me they are good enough for me, and some say that i need alpinestars that are more expensive. What kind of boots do u guys wear?
  12. redrider250f


    I just sitched oil for my 2002 CR 125. I was mixing at 32:1, but now i am using AMSOIL Interceptor and the bottle says to mix at 50:1. Should i stay with 32:1 or go with 50:1. Thanks alot for any input.
  13. redrider250f

    FMF or Pro circuit??????

    MOTULE, what is that?
  14. redrider250f


    Sorry i meant that the dealer told me 10W40...
  15. redrider250f


    What kind of oil should i be putting in the gear box on my 2002 CR 125. I was told 10W30 by the dealer is this correct? Thanks