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  1. Bobby Dazzla

    one industries kits

    Well with delivery caus I got a kit for my mate at the same time it was about $320AUS
  2. Bobby Dazzla

    one industries kits

    Thanx for the comments guys! Yes the plastics are ALL white they come with the kit. I got the kit from an online shop with plastics gripper seat cover and graphics for $188US
  3. Bobby Dazzla

    one industries kits

    Heres my 06 with the kit.
  4. Bobby Dazzla

    What graphics look the best?

    This is my bike the kit is the one industires white camo kit.
  5. Bobby Dazzla

    Motor question 05 YZ25F

    I am pretty sure tha the little hole is for some type of drainage/overfow and avoiding hosing it when cleaning you bike.