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  1. I can maybe offer some input as I had a 2013 KTM 200 as well that I loved and it was dialled. I got an x-trainer as I thought it would be an awesome bike, I had a RR 250 as well. I live in squamish where the riding is tight, rooty and wet and steep ( i ride trials as well here so love that kind of riding), my choice was to ride the x-trainer in squamish and I usually rode my 200ktm xci in Lytton at Onion lakes where the riding is more fast and open but still challenging with 4000-7000 of elevation change. The more I rode my x-trainer the more I loved it and I was keeping both bikes to see which bike my wife liked better, she has had a ktm 200 for 6 years but recently had a baby, for the next while when she rides we will share baby duties so I sold the ktm, this will tell you how great the x-trainer is. I would only go 300 and the initial bottom end is way better and more powerful than the 200, however it peaks off on the big climbs, the 200 did too but not as much as the x-trainer. The x-trainer though is better with delivery so you get way better traction. You can also open it up by putting the 300 RR pipe on it. I also took the oil injection out right away as i dont trust it and mixing fuel is way easier than adding it to a tank. I run 60:1 just like in the 200. You will love the beta and the 2017 will do just fine. Parts for beta are easy to get in Canada. Enjoy sled season, it has been awesome here on the coast so below!! braaaap!
  2. Thanks! Yes this is Squamish about 30 minutes before whistler..
  3. Amazing conditions all through March and into April! Last three days of sledding skiing and pow surfing! April Pow! 17 Mountain Goats and enjoying the season as it winds down! Hope you had a great season and have a sweet summer! dave
  4. ya sorry these are the flexible ones....
  5. same morning some pow laps first