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  1. RED BIG

    F/S TWO 1983 CR 480's

    price reduction $ 1395.00
  2. RED BIG

    F/S TWO 1983 CR 480's

    I'm only selling them as a pair. They are both 1983's. Checking into shipping would be the responsibility of the buyer. However, I would take $ 100.00 off of the price. To help with shipping costs. Thanks for your interest. Jim
  3. RED BIG

    F/S TWO 1983 CR 480's

    E bay has a shipping bid service that you should check into. I used it to get one of the 480's delievered to me. You give them the pick up and delievery locations, then sit back and watch the bids come in. I would be glad to chip in $ 100.00 towards shipping. Regards, Jim
  4. RED BIG

    F/S TWO 1983 CR 480's

    Boy...I'm stupid. So sorry, I put this in the wrong place. I tried to delete it, but it won't let me. Signed, stupid in Phoenix...aka Jim Garthe
  5. RED BIG

    F/S TWO 1983 CR 480's

    Hi guys, Due to work and family scheduling, I have to sell my TWO 1983 CR 480’s project. I put a ton of time and research into this project. I bought both of these bikes, with the intent of doing one of two different projects. You can either take the best parts of both bikes and make one real good one. Then sell off the rest of the parts to help recoup money spent on the project. Or, you can build one into a race bike and the other into a show bike. Price for both CR's, all parts and misc. items: $ 1725.00 Bike # 1: This bike came out of Seattle, Washington. The PO was the second owner and this bike was always in his family. It was a runner, but, when I got it. I notice it was leaking oil from the bottom of the motor. I thought it was best not to start it again. It’s a complete bike and has a clear title and bill of sale. If the new owner wants, I could even plate this bike before it leaves Arizona (fee’s would be paided by new owner). Bike # 1, came with a aftermarket flywheel weight. This helps tame the hit of the 480 motor. Title for above bike. Bike # 2: This bike came out of Santee, Calf. and was owned by Marty Tripes. It’s missing a tank, carb and some other misc. small parts. It has good compression and needs to be restored. I have a bill of sale with Marty’s name and signature on it. The above picture was taken at Martys shop. Marty, helping me load the bike at his shop. Bill of sale with Martys signature on it. Parts: Also, with these two bikes. Comes a variety of extra parts and some new aftermarket stuff to start the build. Below, you will find photos and descriptions. This is a skid plte that came on bike # 1. Also, a mid stock exhaust pipe...which is VERY hard to find and a custom made swingarm bushing kit. Close up of bushing kit. This is the OEM number plate that came with bike # 1. This part is also very hard to find. Also, new wider foot pegs. These pegs also move the pegs to the rear of the bike a little. Making it easier to move your MX boot in and out to shift. Misc. parts. Complete factory manual for 1982 & 1983 Cr 480's, also CW article on the CR 480. Thanks for looking, Jim Garthe
  6. RED BIG

    Yamaha TY 80 info, advise needed...

    A few photos:
  7. RED BIG

    Yamaha TY 80 info, advise needed...

    Thanks for the bead blasting tip DD. I know I'm in for a challange. My son is a garage rat just like his father. I'm doing it for the father and son experence. Also, this bike will tell me if he likes the trials stuff. If he does, he will get a modern trials bike. I also have a one year old son that will hopefully throw a leg over it one day.
  8. Hi Guys, I just bought a 1974 TY 80. I want to restore the bike and have my young son start to do trials with me. It's in pretty rough shape, but whole. Below are a few questions that have come to mind. * I want to fully rebuild the motor. Does anyone have a source for this type of work. How much does this cost? What parts if any are prone to be a problem with this bike motor? I don't want to polish the side engine cases, how do you get a mat finish on aluminum? * I was thinking of power coating the frame, any issues with this? * Front forks, any issues with the quality on this part. I was going to do fresh springs, seals and fluid. Do they need anything more? * What kind of rear shocks should I put on the bike? * I need a like new (or in very good shape) exhaust, where the hell can I find that? * Who has aftermarket stuff for this bike. I really need to replace the stock footpegs. Thank you for your help. Jim
  9. RED BIG

    Full Moon Night Ride SAT 21 August

    this is going to be good...
  10. Thanks guys, for the kind words. I just fired it up, no problems. However, some small details to address. I will follow up with final photo's and action shots. Thanks, Jim Garthe
  11. Pictures from todays work...
  12. Since this is for my six year old, I will keep the motor stock for right now. Then I will upgrade to disk (front) brake, bigger motor when he needs it. He is going to start racing 50cc 4-6 year old Pee-Wee after the summer heat stops. More pic's will be coming. Jim
  13. Well, reading all the posts regarding these 50 'Build ups' for your kids has made me do some crazy things (Bronc3, Dougwood and Sawdawg). I found out the Red Baron Racing's office was 15 minutes from my house and that was all it took to put me over the edge. My son Aidan just turned six and has been riding racing BMX for a couple of years. He has also been play ride his CRF 50 for almost two years and will be racing after the summer heat goes away. He is 4'2" and has out grown his CRF 50. I've always want to convert his bike and boy...have a had fun so far. Here are a couple of pictures of the progress. Motor install is next, I will update. AND thank you for all your help and knowledge. Jim
  14. RED BIG

    Racers and ranchers ride (updated info)

    These days, money is always a issue. However, even though I've never been to Baja... I've been a fan for many years. Part of the fun is, I know it's going to a GREAT cause and I'm going to have one of the best rides of my life... I'm coming in from Phoenix, AZ...were should I stay on Thursday night? Jim
  15. RED BIG

    Racers and ranchers ride (updated info)

    For a boy from Chicago, this is a DREAM come true. I sure I'm going to get my ass kicked...can't wait.