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  1. yz250o2

    CRF450 Timing Trouble

    This is for a 2006 CRF450. Many years above or below are simliar. Some books such as Eric Gorr's handbook says that the timing chain can not fall off the bottom crankshaft gear....but in realitly...it is more than possible that it can fall off the bottom crankshaft gear. So..............if you have trouble timing your modern CRF450... REMOVE THE LEFT SIDECOVER to allow some acccess to the bottom chain alignment. Disassermbly of the flywheel is not really necessary...simply take a small flat head screw driver and have a buddy shine a light from the top camshaft gear position down into the bottom crankshaft gear....and then simply nudge the chain back onto the gear. The chain will be visiable just above and behinde the fly wheel (More commonly the backside of the chain/not tensioned side of the chain) willl be the problem, do to the fact that the tension side or other wise the front side being held in by a guide and less likely to come out of place. Evidently if you don't keep tension on the cam chain while taking the cam sprocket off or on, the chain will more then likely fall off the crankshaft gear. My cure for keeping the tension of the chain while working is obviously keeping the tension concistent from start to finish. Hope this helps you!
  2. yz250o2

    Changed Bars, Improved Handling

    Thats so ironic...I just moved to the Twinwalls after bending my stock 08 protaps. I tryed the Windam bend and I was kind of skeptic on the higher bend,but I went to Hangtown the next day and It really did seem as if I had more control of the bike. Call me crazy but thats what I noticed.
  3. yz250o2

    Want my WB AlumPro2 to be black...

    Already clear anodized.....no can do. Ive got the same.
  4. yz250o2

    CA street legal 2002 YZ426F SM for sale!

    I am interested. Post some pics.....or send to my Email at ride.hard@comcast.net
  5. yz250o2

    updated pics

    Haha Thats funny. That's the exact bike that I have haha. I bought that WB system and didn't like the WB header. Was there a reason why you didn't use that header?
  6. I did. I think its a 48.......is best. family man you running that WB header that came with the system? Im not. I like the stock header powerband a little better. The Wb header either hits too hard or has to much bottom. O and how are you sealing the exhaust? I dont really think that would be a problem tho.
  7. I have the 08 yz450 w/ the white bros aluminum pro. Maybe Ive been wrong all along about going to richer jets. Maybe I need to go leaner......I have deaccel popping out the ass. I even have a 50 pilot and it didn't help. So to me Maybe I need to go leaner.????
  8. yz250o2

    08 pipe....

    Alright so I bought the WB Aluminum Pro and I honestly dont like it. It woke the bike up a little....but my lap times went down. This pipe rubbed my powerband in all the wrong places. And It came with that low header so I couldnt touch my oil filter. Honestly I like my stock pipe a little better because it is easier to ride with.... O and most of all....I know how to jet a 4 stroke, and this pi pe wouldnt run for crap on my bike. Backfire pop backfire.... I honestly want to sell this pipe .....get a DR.D. Or a pipe that is cool that ALLOWS you to get to the oil filter..... so what you think I should strive to get the DR.D?
  9. yz250o2

    White Brothers OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

    Hey is WB going out of business? I called them and that's the impression that I got. I might sell my WB aluminum Pro on Ebay and get a Dr.D. What's your take on that?
  10. yz250o2

    Jetting 08 yz450f

    Aftermarket GYTR screw.
  11. yz250o2

    Jetting 08 yz450f

    Man my bike when fully seated does not die. Is that bad? 48 pilot
  12. yz250o2

    white bros pipe question

    Man it dissappoints me that jetting is not an issue with you guys. I hate being the only one!
  13. yz250o2

    white bros pipe question

    I have your EXACT SETUP. What jets are you running man? Mine backfires and pops. I was dissappointed to about the header.
  14. Man Ill tell you what... I bought a White Brothers aluminum pro full system...and I still can't get that thing to jet . I resent the way it runs. Backfire and pop expecially when weather is cold. Theory says its running to lean but shit. Think the Accel pump needs to be messed with. Or the float height? New Richer needle? Main-165 Pilot-48 Clip#5 from top Fuel scew-who knows it doesn't seem to help. think 2 1/2
  15. yz250o2

    Jetting 08 yz450f

    What would that prove Todd? Is that a certain way to tell if your pilot is to lean or rich? If so can you explain that?