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  1. air filters are the same.
  2. how about a pic of the side stand.
  3. I would look at the gears first before ordering a starter motor. If it is the starter motor you will need to order one for a txc310.
  4. You better get it to the dealer.
  5. I don't think you are having a problem. All brakes get hot usually the rear brake rotors turn a blueish color from heat. Don't touch the brake rotors. And don't touch the rear shock that gets hot to.
  6. I have never seen a 501 at any enduro I have been to.
  7. OEM valves (intake and exhaust) for a husqvarna xlite cost $500. Kibblewhite stainless valves (intake and exhaust) for a honda crf250 cost $160. 2 OEM titanium valves for a husqvarna cost $280 2 kibblewhite titanium valves for a crf250 cost $160
  8. Del West is too expensive. Kibblewhite stainless valves would be the way to go.
  9. Kibblewhite can make custom valves.
  10. A txc fits the tc but you will need the txc fuel pump. The diiference is the electrical connection. The plugs are different. I made a jumper wire for mine.
  11. You are not smart. On a Husqvarna with the x-lite 250/310 the one way bearing and flywheel are on the left side of the engine...NO SHIT!!!
  12. The key, the flywheel and the oneway bearing are all on the same side of the crank.
  13. The one way bearing is on the same end of the crank as the key. There is a lot of torque on that little key when the starter is cranking the engine over.
  14. Could be a clogged injector.