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  1. bumblebee

    Anyone who has lived in Colorado...

    well be there the 10th-?? 15th. is there anything cool goin on anywhere near denver, co springs, etc? well be in Ordway...but a few hour drive is cool for the right event
  2. bumblebee

    Anyone who has lived in Colorado...

    thanks guys!!! for some reason i barely remember the gorge...but man do i remember that place...yummy sopapillas...my girlfriend has never been to colorado...gona take her to meet my grandparents and aunts/uncles etc and show her my old stompin grounds...thought it might be fun to cruise up that way for a day or so.
  3. Years ago when i was a kid we went to the royal gorge bridge on a field trip. afterwards we went to a restaurant that i believe was carved into a mountain (underground-but im not sure) and it has little tunnels that are kinda like a maze. they have a big pool in the middle of the place where they have shows where actors do a performance and jump off the cliff into the water...does any of this sound familiar? PLEASE HELP!! lol they have awesome sopapillas there.
  4. bumblebee

    dish network

    So i was takin care of some bills today...and found out i have a CRAPLOAD of dish network giftcards. they are $30 cards that you use to sign up with dish network if you dont have it already...they will get you $30 off your installation and i believe (not sure) get you a few other offers...i have several...leme know and ill mail em to you...dont want anything in return. it gives me a $30 off my bill too. thanks
  5. Well ill be takin care of my dad whos in the hospital in santa fe...im from arizona. over the weekend. fri-mon. if anyone in the area is gonna head out for a ride and wouldnt mind me tagging along to blow off some steam shoot me a text... my name is josh. i ride a yam 450 and id say im moderate to real good in the desert...handle my own on the track. soooo leme know. thanks Josh Scott 928 965 8101 ps. text me as i wont be on a computer again til next week pss. i have my own truck and stuff so you wont need to babysit me...just dont like ridin alone
  6. bumblebee

    need cherokee body

    wheres mm? do you know perhaps what year or any info? maybe you can snag a pic?
  7. bumblebee

    need cherokee body

    anyone in az or nm have or know someone that has a jeep cherokee body? Lookin for a donor truck to put a motor and trans into...body doesnt have to be perfect. dont need any kind of motor or trans at all. if it has em ok. if not even better. lookin for a 2wd mostly. (not sure if it matters). or a 4wd if it comes with a transfer case. would like 2 door. 4 door is ok too. leme know whatcha got. cheaper the better. ill haul it off for you. the donor motor is comin outta a 99...thanks either pm or text me... 928 965 8101. josh
  8. mostly highway. hauling anything from dirtbikes to towing a 10k camper...as long as i have the wieght rating needed then terrain performance isnt a big deal. i dont tow my big trailer too often. but i wouldnt want tires that are gonna get wasted if i do tow it. looks and mileage are my 2 concerns. mileage not soooo much. im kinda leanin towards the micky thompson atz or toyo mt. but the new bfg still kinda catches my attention. id just like to see a 35/20 combo to see how it looks first
  9. i have never gotten hardly more then 25k out of my tires...compliments of my boot. even this set of pirelli scorpion atrs only last 30k
  10. bumblebee

    good lookin graphics

    naw they have dirtbike graphics too... think maybe i found what im lookin for... www.amrracing.com they got sum sikk stuff
  11. bumblebee

    good lookin graphics

  12. bumblebee

    good lookin graphics

    Ok just for the record i dont wana any spode comments or any of that bs...just some help. im not some metal mulisha fmx punk or any of that. just like a certain style... i polished the frame on my 02 250r and gonna add black plastics. thats how all my bikes are...black and polished. my truck is black and polished...thats my style. so....my question is...what are some awesome graphics to top it off with??? like some moto xxx or maybe skin or something. my computer is too fn slow for me to search for stuff so im reachin out to you fine folks. dice, skulls, evil shit...things of that nature. my 450f has a little girl holdin a chainsaw covered in blood to give you an idea of what i like...
  13. so its about that time again...getting new tires for the duramax...and im SUPER picky about how they look and perform. i have an 06 classic 4 door wit 6" lift. truck is all black with black wheels. on 20's. im thinkin of a mud tire but im not too sure. maybe the new bfg km2 or super swamper sts or them dune grapplers even. any reviews on them tires? maybe go with the toyo mts. please post pix of your truck with 35 15.50x20s or 325 65 20. i wana see how the aspect ratio looks with different tires. im all about the looks of the tire. thanks
  14. I know someone here has an 80 yota with a winch bumper... lets see some pics...i need some ideas. thanks guys.
  15. bumblebee

    wall posters

    cool man. leme know