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  1. I just keep it short,not to loud,not to often and never a problem.
  2. rubiconrider

    '93 KX250 power

    I had a 93 kx 250 and I thought it was an excellent bike.Bottom end a tad weak but not bad at all,the midrange was strong with a nice hit to it,and the top end would pull and pull no matter how much you revved it ,it still would pull.great bike your stoked.
  3. rubiconrider

    Traction Control

    Not having traction is a key element to railing a berm,or to just get a bike to turn.The term steer with the back wheel would no longer apply.I know I would hate it.I like rear wheel spin,thats what makes dirt bikes fun.
  4. rubiconrider

    rate your favorite ride areas

    My top picks are; Clear Creek 10 for hills.(500 land) Forest Hill 10 for single track and roller coaster style trails. Hollister Hills 10 bagging bars with your buddies. Rubicon 10 kick your butt.
  5. rubiconrider

    state park ticket-warning long post

    They messed up and so did you.Both ends are tiny mistakes,And sounds like the ranger was having a bad day.The station forgot to take down the sign,and the sign should be up only when the station is closed.On the other hand you should always stop at the station and if your bike is new you must have temporary registration handy.Sorry to hear about the ticket that blows.
  6. rubiconrider

    Piston is toast, what about cylinder?

    If you decide to sent it out make sure that the cylinder studs have the centering sleeves on them.When you put it back together.If it doesn't and you slap it together you will then fry the low end as well.
  7. rubiconrider

    Great Break-In Tips!!

    If it's a myth than why does la sleeve highly recommend the procedure that I explained.La sleeve does everything from dirt bikes to cars.They gave me a full break in procedure and explained why I should do it. Wow,well I had to edit my post after reading Davet 916 link very interesting how there is so much of a difference between what the manufactures say and what the link said.So I guess it doesn't matter,and It's up to the owner of the machine.It certainly makes sense to me to fire it up for a little bit before I take it out to ride.It would suck to take it out and it doesn't fire.
  8. rubiconrider

    Jerk at local Track

    Park him in the turn.What comes around goes around.And If that not your style than offer him a beer,It's what you feel more comfortable with.If he seems like a real jerk off the track then just avoid him.
  9. rubiconrider

    My YZ250 pushed a 10 paddle with eeeezz!

    Run a 8 your bike will run cooler.+you wont have the front end so light,and it'll probably rev out quicker.Good to hear that you waxed your buddies on the 450s and that you had plenty of bark with a 10.
  10. rubiconrider

    not sure how to describe.private ?

    She rides a ttr 125.Well I asked her and she yes but mostly monkey butt.Then she said since I taught her to stand up more and shift her weight to the outside peg,it has helped a lot.so maybe thats the answer,other than more padding.
  11. rubiconrider

    Great Break-In Tips!!

    Heat cycles is most important.Let it get hot then completely cool down,until its cold.Do it three times.This helps seat the rings,then ride easy for 15 min,then a complete cool down.do that twice,then ride for half hour easy a little more aggressive but don't hold it pinned or any thing like that.then complete cool down.Then your ready to go.Don't forget all maintenance prior and after rides.
  12. Go to the pits.Then catch practice.Then go out to dinner come back and catch the heats and the mains.Thats how I do it and it works pretty good.Its good to break it up a little.
  13. rubiconrider

    not sure how to describe.private ?

    Does she really love to ride?Or could she be making it up?Just seems weird.My wife has never mentioned any thing like that.She has mentioned a little monkey butt,but not that,or maybe she just didn't want to say anything to me,and now that I've gone in a complete circle I'll shut up now.
  14. rubiconrider

    Who's the dirtiest?

    Seems that most opinions are between Alessi and Langston.It's kind of ironic that they crashed n the last turn at last years Hangtowns season opener.Actually a desperate take out by langston,Eek remember Langston's ankle rotated 90 degrees.and Alessi tried pushing his bike over the finish line but fell.
  15. rubiconrider

    Who's the dirtiest?

    This one goes way back.Remember when Larocco and Keidrowski were both racing for team kawi(94-95),I'll never forget one time when the rock passed keidrowski on the last lap there was a little block pass involved but nothing major and when keidrowski went past the finish line he revved his bike and popped the clutch ghost ride style right into the rock,that one goes down in the books as one of the dirtiest move ever even though the race was over.