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    Anything to do with my family. Riding with my son. Working on bikes and my 69 Camaro
  1. EugeneMXer

    Just installed my JD Jetting Kit

    Just finished installing my JD Jetting Kit. Very simple. I might add that the easiest way to cut the top of the air box was with a sharp utility knife. The plastic is thick, But it is very soft. I cut part of it using my dremel and a cutting bit. It was hard to keep it straight and it created a bunch of black crumbs from the grinding. I switched over to the utility knife and it was much easier. Just start out with very little pressure and make about 4 or 5 cuts increasing the pressure each cut. Works much better than the dremel. I opted not removing the screen so I went with the #158 Jet. I will see how that works. The instruction with the JD kit were easy to follow and were right on. Now to ride it tomorrow and see if I got rid of that BOG. Jon
  2. EugeneMXer

    250x Battery does not seem to hold a charge

    I too just purchased a 250X and the same story. They guy did not ride it for 6 months. Battery was toast. Bought a new on at RM for $57.00. Make sure if you are storing your bike to run it once a week. not only will it save the battery but it will save everything else. Over the years I have found that the worst thing you can do to a bike is not ride it or run it. Gas turns to Turpentine and varnished everything in the carb. JON
  3. EugeneMXer

    Rekluse z-Start Clutch for 04' 250X

    $429 with the perch adjuster is a good price. Thats usually the price without it. JON
  4. EugeneMXer

    Crf250 Clutch Questions

    I just purchased a 02 250X with about 20 Hrs. I noticed that it was having problems going into 3 and 4 at higher RPM. I tor down the clutch and the plates and clutch plates had no wear. The T oil was a little gritty and the springs were out of spec. so I replaced the oil, cleaned the plates, scuffed with 400 grit and added new EBC springs. The problem went away. Now The only problem I am having that I have to work out is down shifting into 1st. I am hopping that will go away with a little break in. To start out I would just change the Oil and see if that helps. Make sure that the oil level is correct. Incorrect oil level will cause clutch problems. Put the new oil in. Run it a hour and then check the oil level again. It is a quick and cheap fix to some clutch problems. Fresh and clean oil is important. Also make sure you use the correct oil. I use the Honda oil but have been told that the Rotella T synthetic is a good oil for the transmission. JON
  5. EugeneMXer

    Rekluse z-Start Clutch for 04' 250X

    Thanks for the Input Guys, I did buy one (thanks to Hawaii-Rider) and when I get it installed I will report on it. I am afraid that I may like it so much that I will want to put it on all my bikes. Especially the 400ex that I am going to get. I ride a lot with my 5 year old son and I think it is going to be awesome for putting around with him. I get tired of riding the clutch all the time when I ride with him. He drives a CRF50 so he is a little slower than me. JON
  6. EugeneMXer

    Time for a New Bike....HELP!

    I love the smooth power. Love the magic button on my X. My 250X is so easy to work on. I think that is a big plus if you work on your own bike. Very easy bike to ride and handles like a dream. I have to say I have not rode a 4 stroke 250 in Yamaha. Which I understand would really only be your other choice. JON
  7. EugeneMXer

    Valve issues only common to Honda 250 Thumpers?

    From all the reading and information I have gathered. I think the valve problem on the CRF250 has been blown out of perportion. Just my observation. Do your own research. JON
  8. EugeneMXer

    I'm Impressed...

    I just purchased a 04 250X with about 15 hrs. Checked the valves this week and they are dead on. Runs great. Love the smooth power and the magic button. This is the nicest bike I have rode. Putting a JD kit, and replacing the clutch springs because they were under spec. Putting on some other mods too. New air filter, rad brace, hand guards, fuel mixture screw, fuel filter, open the airbox a little, and drill hole in the baffle end. This is a very easy bike to work on too. I have to give Honda a big thumbs up on this one. Jon
  9. EugeneMXer

    A Tribute to Rick Ramsey

    I agree. I can appreciate how much time and effort it takes to put together a website with this scope of information and resources. Thanks, Jon
  10. EugeneMXer

    Rekluse z-Start Clutch for 04' 250X

    I have been thinking of getting the Rekluse z-Start Clutch for my 04 CRF250X. Has anyone install one of these on their bike? How do you like it. Did you have to replace the Basket too? Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks, JON Eugene, OR
  11. EugeneMXer

    A video i made, please watch and comment

    Very Cool, Keep up the great work and keep riding. JON 2004 CRF250X (stock of now)
  12. EugeneMXer

    How to check and Adjust the valves on your 250 (w/Pics)

    You R the man. It's people like you that we need more of. Jon. Eugene, OR 04' 250X Just bought Used Stock - NOT FOR LONG