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  1. What !! no 200 C class:foul:
  2. I'm in!! I will be in blue dodge 4x4 with a ktm 2 smoker in the back
  3. I'm out !! to many people & quads going the wrong way
  4. I`m down !! I live in in Kent as well, just let me know when & where
  5. I have a black & yellow 50th Anniversary Edition low hours & in good condition it also has a few goodies like a Dr D full exhaust system with spark arrester, Scott handgards black, MSR off road skid plate, Scott top triple clamp mount for steering damper with post, ASV pro perch clutch with hot start black, IMS 3.1 gallon tank black, New Michelin Star cross rear tire, Renthal oring chain gold, Renthal 51 tooth rear sprocket black, it also comes with stock gas tank & stock exhaust. P M me if your interested
  6. Just signed up for the Idaho City 100 & wondering if any body knows what size jets for a 07 KTM 200 XC-W would work best for that altitude:confused: any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated
  7. Well mabe:confused:
  8. It`s an ATV poker Run!!! no thanks
  9. Hey thanx broxys !! I looked everywhere I`m surprised for being such a popular bike that accessories arn`t easy to find for that particular model
  10. Hey does anybody know where I can find a carbonfiber skidplate & pipe gard for a 07 XC-W 200
  11. What a joke I bought one it does not even work I sure hope I can get a refund
  12. I`ll try to make it !! sounds like a blast
  13. I was wondering what`s the best setup for really tite woods & single track as this bike in stock form is not very woods friendly:eek:
  14. Where will you guys refuel at ?
  15. It sounds like a good time but do you think a 3 gallon tank will be enough on my RMX 250 to go the 60 miles