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  1. Thank you everyone. I will be buying form Semco now. It is such a good price when comparing to the dealer.
  2. Warning: I looked for an address and searched the name Semco and they are not listed in Meridian, ID. Not even the local yellow or white pages. All business owner with a proper business license typically list them selves in the phone book. I check their website and it talks about all the different services it provides but no reference to any real customers for verification. The only product they offer is this iBeat kit. They only accept checks and credit cards via paypal only? This is too much like a scam. If anyone has ever ordered and received the iBeat software from them, please post. I would like to buy it but this place just doesn't seem legitimate. RT
  3. Hey Dan, Did you actually participated in the race? I am planning to race in it this year. How big are those rocks? I want to go see it before the race, to get a feel of how the course is so I can setup the quad properly. Do you know if there are large endless woops like in San Felipe? Thanks, RT
  4. rtabcum

    Yamaha Desert racing with YFZ450

    Anyone can suggest upgrades they know work for setting up the YFZ450 for desert racing? Any recommended brands and modifications would really help me get started in the race. Thank you, RT
  5. Hi, If anyone has participated in last year's Terrible's Town 250 race in NV or has a map of the race course, please let me know or post it here. GPS waypoints would be even better. Thanks, RT
  6. rtabcum

    Front shock compression screw

    Hi, What did you switch your shocks to? I will be using it in desert races. I've looked at Elka but notice that some did not have rebound adjustments, only compression. For now, I'm going to talk to my dealer and see what he has to say. Thanks RT
  7. I was riding my 06 YFZ over the desert woops and was trying to dial-in my stock front suspension but notice that the compression setting, whether turned in full or turned out full has no noticeable change on damping. I tested by pushing down on the shock at a very fast rate at different settings but did not notice any change. I then tested the rebound screw setting (bottom of shock) and it works good. Full in can completely stop the shock from moving up or down (Huh?) Thats very strange also. So when I closed my rebound setting, the shock stiffens on both compression and rebound. Hmm, should the rebound screw also change the compression setting? Has anyone experience this strange setting between the 2 screws? I am still under warranty and can bring this in to have the dealer look at it but both the left and the right shocks do exactly the same thing. Almost makes me think this is how they are. Sanity check. Turn in = clock wise. Turn out = counter clock wise. Compression setting = top screw, next to reservoir Rebound setting = Bottom screw, at lower mount.
  8. rtabcum

    Orange glow on header 06 YZF

    Follow up. After fidling with the carb, I finally found the lowspeed mixture screw. The CA model has this screw blocked off with an aluminum cap. I had to remove that cap in order to access the mixture screw. Turn it out 1 7/8 turn and now the machine idles great and the orange glow is very dim. Hardly noticeable even at night. Can't wait to get my new pipe and jet kit. Thanks to everyone for their help. RT
  9. rtabcum

    Orange glow on header 06 YZF

    Now thats a story in it self. But to make that long story short, I paid 6899 out the door. Yes I had to call another dealer and negotiate while sitting at another dealership. Its the attitude that really counts, not the pricing. Some dealers just get angry when you ask for MSRP Out the door. If you ask below, they go ballistic! Its a dog -eat -dog work for new ATV sales. As for asking before a search, I did do a search but did not find it under YFZ. I guest I should have expanded it to other equivalent engines too. Sorry. Thanks for you answer. I feel a lot better now. Rut T.
  10. Hi, I just pickup my 06 YZF450 new from the dealer and notice that after a 30 second idle, the header part twards the engine is glowing orange. I notice this at night. I took it out for a spin and it stayed dim orange but the quad ran fine. Just wondering if anyone notices this on their quad? All stock. Did nothing to it yet. However, the fuel came with the bike so I'm not sure what they put in to get it preped for me. Thanks, Rut T.