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  1. fredzeppelin

    Ty Davis and his Husky's take on Lucerne Tomorrow!

    all this brings back a lot of good memories back when i raced desert D-37 back in the late 80s early 90s. it sure was fun. i remember hating the whole thing by about halfway through the first loop. then on the drive home, i'd maybe start to think it was fun again. then on mondays, while i slept my way through class, i'd dream about doing it all over again. after a really bad one, i'd be sore until wednesday. to be a teenager huh???? back then, i had a '91 KDX 250 which was a practice bike that we bought from paul krause (pro dez/off-road rider). i believe he rode it in a six days qualifier. anyway, that thing appeared to be mostly stock (PC pipe and silencer) but it pulled like a freight train. never did figure out what motor work had been done to it...
  2. fredzeppelin

    Should I sell my DRZ and buy a Husky 510?

    have a 510sm, have ridden drz in stock and modded sm trim. there is no comparison. the 510 has real instant power delivery and handles like nobody's business. the drz, well, is fun...but that's it.
  3. fredzeppelin

    already got the tires... are new rims worth it???

    maybe i'll change my mind... $500-600 just for rims??? lame. i can get a whole wheel set used for $800. why are sumo rims so expensive?
  4. fredzeppelin

    already got the tires... are new rims worth it???

    not really worried about DOT tires... I'll get rain tires and they'll look close enough if i do ride on the street anymore.
  5. scenario: 06 husky 510 smr w/ stock 17" rims. i picked up a set of (very slightly) used dunlop take-off slicks for $20(!!!) but they are a 16.5 front and a 17" 165 rear. is it worth it to just go ahead and get new rims... 16.5 front and 17x5 rear... which will properly fit the slicks i have??? will it severely limit my tire choices in the future???
  6. fredzeppelin

    08 Husqvarna TXC-510 vs 08 KTM 530 XC-W(R)

    dude... don't even worry about that whole transmission deal. my 06 510 has the best and smoothest motor i have every ridden in an 450+ thumper. my buddy says so too. and between the two of us, have ridden a lot of different bikes.
  7. fredzeppelin

    Your Best Husqvarna Photo for 2008!

    rock on dude. you' ve just inspired me. i have made a new resolution. every decade birthday from now on, i will buy a new motorcycle!!! that means i should have at least 4 bikes by age 60...
  8. fredzeppelin

    Supermoto update.

    just gotta learn to trust those tires. its pretty scary at first. i'm in the same boat as you. former desert rider, now on the sumo. took a while, but now i'm gettin rid of the chicken strips.
  9. fredzeppelin

    Supermoto update.

    just gotta learn to trust those tires. its pretty scary at first. i'm in the same boat as you. former desert rider, now on the sumo. took a while, but now i'm gettin rid of the chicken strips.
  10. fredzeppelin

    Supermoto update.

    you got all that bling and you haven't even worn out the crappy stock tires yet? so you've modded it... now you gotta go RIDE it.
  11. fredzeppelin

    Stomped A KTM

    hells yes. my 06 510 kills my old mans 07 ktm 525 in a drag race. also regularly kills harley dorks who think they're gonna destroy such a little bike at stoplights. and kills guys with ducatis in the mountains.
  12. fredzeppelin

    Aprilia RXV VS Husky TE 2008

    sorry dude... not tryin to rain on your parade, but like a lot of guys have said here... you're gonna be learning. there's nothin worse than somebody new to the sport who buys the most bitchin' bike ever and then either crashes his brains out and/or scares the crap outta himself. then there's one more person who has a negative impression of the sport and/or injury. example: i just got back from a road riding clinic TODAY where some new guy (1 year riding) was all proud of this big bad BMW he bought (way too big and powerful for a newb) and then crashed it today. only serious crash out of 40+ riders on some FRIGGIN gnarly roads. see what i'm saying??? oh yeah... i stayed up with my group on this rider with my little 510... most of them had twins. (re: you don't need the fastest bike to have a good time or ride with other people or have big balls) this sport is awesome and i'm always stoked when somebody wants to get into it, but its important that you LEARN before you have a really fast bike. you're a hockey player right? what's the worst thing that can happen when you miss going for the puck? you just skated a little too far, or maybe you run into another player or even the boards. might hurt, but most likely not life threatening. what happens when you hit a corner too fast on a bike? you might run into a ditch, guardrail, another bike, car, guardrail, or a tree. not tryin to scare you, but, you're asking for input, and i would like for you to have a positive learning experience... and hopefully really get into it. i like some of the other guys suggestions. like buying a used bike first. ride a little. go out with people and maybe get to ride their bikes. then you'll know what you really want. or if you must have a husky, do like some of the other guys said and leave it stone stock. above all, take a riding class from MSF or something so that you learn some basics. www.msf-usa.org hope it works out well dude.
  13. so i've got 4500 miles on my sm 510 now. the motor has not given me any problems so far...has only needed one valve adjustment (checked regularly). i've changed the oil at every 500 miles and kept the filter clean. but now the motor feels pretty "loose" or maybe a little "ragged". i guess i've ridden it a little hard. i'm always on the gas when i'm riding. i'm always keepin it revvin a little bit. is there anything i need to check? do i need to do rings and a piston? what should be done at this mileage, if anything? on edit: by ragged/loose i mean the engine just doesn't feel as responsive anymore. and more vibration at certain engine speeds. btw: the packing is getting pretty blown out in my silencer. that couldn't do it right?
  14. fredzeppelin

    Aprilia RXV VS Husky TE 2008

    for a first bike, the aprillia is a terrible choice. i don't care if you think you're really gonna be into it or not, or what kinda personality you have. the aprillia is NOT a good first bike. especially in the dirt (from what i read in Dirt Bike mag reviews) it just is hard to ride from hitting so hard. and with all the reliability problems, you might just be turned off from riding altogether with a bad first experience. i'm definitely a husky fan, but a husky, ktm, husaberg or almost any other dual sport would be a better first bike. if you absolutely have to have bling/exotica factor...any of these bikes i mentioned will do it. if i was you, i'd buy a used first bike = lots less money and most people don't really use their bikes that much anyway.
  15. fredzeppelin

    450SMR tire size question

    i was running a 160/60 maxxix goldspeed on the rear. went to a pilot power 150/60. it definitely tips into corners easier. i don't have chicken strips that are two inches wide anymore either.