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  1. luckystar64

    CRF250F how its made

    Hmmmm. As far as the rear brake retaining tabs go- I’m thinking I can have my fab guy grind the drum holder off, and weld on whatever it will need to the 230 swinger. Does the 230 unit bolt up to the 250? —L*64
  2. luckystar64

    CRF250F how its made

    Hey Tatau! Thanks for the vid. If you’ve seen my 150/230F hybrid bike on here, then know that I’m looking to do the same thing with this 250F. Trying to put a 150F front end on it- which from your video, looks like it will bolt up. My concern is that swingarm. I’m told that the 250F swinger is an inch longer than the 230F piece. So I’m hoping to use a 230F swinger with the return spring tab ground off, and holes drilled and tapped to accept the rear brake hose holders. My question is if you could take some detailed photos of the 250F swingarm, so I can tell if the 230F unit will accept the rear disc brake and such? Thanks! —L*64
  3. luckystar64

    CRF250F Pics and Mods

    I bought both my 150F’s and my 230 used. I still ride the living crap out of the first 150F I bought in 2009. Including light mods, I may have $1700 into her, and I’m certain the bike has 1000 hours riding time on it. Aside from several engine rebuilds and overhauls over the years- along with the cash I’ve spent on maintenance not calculated here. I have less than $2 per hour of fun invested in it. Funny thing? I could prolly get that $1700 back if I decided to sell her tomorrow!! Haha! Then I’d just have to take the sum of all the maintenance, and divide that by the 1000 hours of fun I’ve had.... it’d likely be about $2 per hour total. Besides the low price, I actually have more fun whooping on these trail bikes than I ever did racing 125’s. I can’t tell you what’s so fun about these bikes, other than that they just are!! Isn’t that really why most of us ride dirt bikes in the first place? —L*64
  4. luckystar64

    CRF250F Pics and Mods

    If it comes here- I’ll buy it. Unlike most on here, I’ll use the bike in the pit/play bike races here in Ohio. If you saw my 150/230F Homologation bike that I doc’d on here- then I’ll be looking to do the same with this new bike. I’ll run a Brucified 150F front end (looks like it’ll bolt right up), with the 16/19 inch wheels. The back looks to be trickier with this bike as there isn’t a disc braked 150F for me to pirate parts from. Looks like I can lace a 16 inch rim to the rear hub, and I THINK there was an Italian model rear disced 150F that I can try to get the shorter swingarm from? If anybody can assist with that- hit me up. Then I’ll do something with the rear shock- and enjoy the bike! I won’t sell my 150 and 230F’s. I’ll use them as practice bikes! I’m looking forward to working with this new bike!! —L*64
  5. luckystar64

    Don't buy the 2019 CRF230F

    I’m already excited!! Wonder what shock it has? Will there be a new 150F? —L*64
  6. luckystar64

    High End Pitbike Questions

    I’m an ex 125 racer, but at 50– I’m having a ball on my 150F, and I plan to run my ‘86 KX125 in the vintage races. Get a 150F or KLX140. You can’t run a 150R in any pit bike race. The races will sometimes have a trail bike and/or Vet class you should be able to run the bigger mini in. —L*64
  7. luckystar64

    New Kx65 project

    Been there and done that before with a KX65. The bike was fast on wide open tracks, but the power delivery, and cramped ergos made it difficult to ride. It would get smoked by the torquey four stroke proper pit bikes. I ran a a Fox shock done by PR2 Suspension (6.1 spring rate for my 150lbs.). I went with a .34 rate up front even though that was slightly light for my weight. The reason being is that you’ll ride with your weight further back than a kid would. Did a clean up port job, reeds, and a Pro Circuit pipe. Get the Moose racing 1/2 inch rearset pegs too. I had 10mm added to the shifter by cutting it and welding a piece of steel in. —L*64
  8. luckystar64

    New to the world of CRF150F.

    Yep. Got it. The cannister is decent, (which is mainly what I needed) but the heat shield is all bent up, and I needed that too. It's $45 from the dealer which is partially why I wanted your exhaust. Oh well-- at least I got a decent cannister out of it anyway. Thanks! --L*64
  9. luckystar64

    New to the world of CRF150F.

    Do you want to sell the stock exhuast? I’m not in dire need, butI could use i it for my stocker 150F. —L*64
  10. luckystar64

    New to the world of CRF150F.

    What kind of shape is that stock exhaust in? I could use one that isn’t beat up. I crash a lot, and mine are all dented. -L*64
  11. luckystar64

    My new CRF230/150F homologation project. Opinions?

    I was holding off because I thought a new bike was coming out. I was going to see if they were going to work on the new model that isn’t happening. Now it’s back to monkeying with the bikes I already have. And boy is moving a nightmare! —L*64
  12. luckystar64

    New to the world of CRF150F.

    Take the rear linkage apart, and clean/grease the bearings. It'll need it. Get a 150R front fender and the 4 washers. It mounts right up. If you read my CRF150F/230F homologation thread, there's alot of good info there. I also have an '05 150F that I ride the hell out of. I actually prefer it to the 230, but I race the 150/230F because it has better power obviously. I have some plans for the 150F including a 230 carb and air boot. --L*64
  13. luckystar64

    My new CRF230/150F homologation project. Opinions?

    Well! Haven’t been here in awhile due to 1) Me selling my house and moving, which was a huge pain in the @$$, and 2) I was thinking that Honda was bringing out a new bike for 2019. I’m mostly done moving, I’m functioning in my new set up, and Honda isn’t bringing out a new bike. Soooo- I guess I’ll keep working with these bikes! Stay tuned for the black ProWheel rim lace up project that’s coming up. Really thinking about the rear disc brake conversion now too. —L*64
  14. luckystar64

    Goodbye to My Trail-Making Companion

    Sad to hear. I lost my beloved Missy pig last year. I’ve sold my house and moved since. I only stayed out of (Cleveland, Ohio) County so not to have a hassle over her. I’m now back in county after 15 years. I guess it’s part of having pets unfortunately. My condolences. —L*64
  15. luckystar64

    2019 CRF230F

    So the bikes are back again in 2019?? Same as they were in 2017?? I guess I may be looking into that rear disc brake setup again?? I was hoping for a new bike, but I’m having a ball on the bikes I have in all honesty. -L*64