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  1. Looks like fun. Was there a KLX125 up in there too? Looked like a grown man on a KX85 in the beginning? Hahahaha! --L*64
  2. It comes with three gears. The ones that will wear out when kicking a hi-comp engine. My 150F is staying stock since I did the 150/230F project, so I won't need the heavy duty gears. My bike has more than 800 hours on it, and the stock gears are still perfectly fine. --L*64
  3. Yep. I bet it is. I thought about doing my fork lowers black, and I like my bikes to LOOK nice, but it'll have to wait until I have to forks apart for maintenance. --L*64
  4. Looks good! I'd have anodized them as they're aluminum though. --L*64
  5. I have a set of Coeshow kickstart gears if you DO go this route. I want to sell them. --L*64
  6. It ain't simply just gonna mount up.... Honestly-- if you NEED Ti, then talk to Jemco or somebody that does custom pipes like that, send them your stock pipe, and let them go off of that. I just got a Yosh pipe for my own 230, it was mostly for bling. Looks well made, and it has the heat shield which is a must for me. My FAVORITE bike is my nearly showroom stock '05 150F. Jetted, modded stock suspension, baffle removed-- just run it! --L*64
  7. I like the looks of the stock bike, so I run the stock plastic, graphics, and seat cover. I am going to lace up a set of black rims to the stock hubs to add some bling. I just don't want to stray too far away from the looks of the stock plastic. You can sand the plastic and reapply the stock decals. They seem to hold up pretty well. I got some number plate graphics which look nice too. --L*64
  8. My 230 has 150F front and rear ends on it, so I'm running 16/19's which is not what you're trying to do. I looked into Excel, and they wanted to custom drill a set of rims... Then custom spokes.... Then put a hurtin' on my credit card..... NOT happening. So I called ProWheel, and they have a set of black rims available for a TTR125L, that work on a 150F also, and run the stock 150F spokes. Yes please!! I asked them about a set for the 230, and they didn't offer anything. In between the call to Excel USA, and ProWheel, I talked to Larry at BBR. Now I was only upgrading the rims to black for bling on my bike. I've been racing these bikes since 2010, and never had an issue with the stock rims. Larry said that they hadn't either, so he said he'd just send the stock rims out for black anodizing, and run decals if need be. So that's what I know about it. --L*64
  9. Wonder if the kid crashed hard on the shifter? That can cause transmission problems. When both third gears were trashed on my 150F, there was a gear/clutch whine noise. --L*64
  10. There's a cheap one on EBay now. I was thinking about grabbing it for my stock bike. --L*64
  11. I have a brand new set of Coeshow gears sitting here. I was going to run them, but I've never had an issue because my motor is stock. I'll sell the gears I have for $275 which is what I paid including shipping. --L*64
  12. 45 pilot should be OK. 112 is all of it on the main. 115 is too rich. Clip in the 4th position is right. I'd go back to 1.5 turns out on the mixture screw. REPLACE that white cone shaped thingy that's around the main jet. Or take it out and see if it runs better. I've had a problem with that cone thingy sliding off, and hanging the float up on both my bikes. --L*64
  13. The 140 in 14/17 and 16/19 form COULD be good, but the shock/linkage sucks, and it's holding the bike back. That, and the 7 inches of suspension travel. I'm pretty happy with my 150/230 hybrid, but it's heavy, drags pegs, and it NEEDS a rear disc brake! --L*64
  14. So I posted THIS vid up in another thread, but I wanted to give you guys an idea of exactly what in the hell it is that I'm doing with this thing. The track in this vid is ten minutes up the way from me, so I go to all the races there. This race was on what's now my practice thrasher-- the '05 kick start 150F, NOT the current hybrid featured in this thread. It's from 2013, and it's just the start of the race. I posted another vid from the same track to give you guys an idea of what our track is like, and how much fun I'm having with this bike! My current 230 powered bike is alot faster than this 'Ol 150F, but the 150F is a little more fun to ride IMO because it's so slow! Enjoy! --L*64
  15. I guess I'm a typical, compulsive 150/230F freak! People who've never owned, ridden, or spent any time on or with one, always ask me why in the hell I'm so obsessed with turning a Brazilian built trail bike into something it was never intended to be, when Honda actually offers a 150R that's intended to do what I'm always trying to get my 150F to do..... hahahaha! I guess I like to dig through the parts bin looking for bolt on power that looks and fits like factory. Kinda like casually bolting a 230F motor into a 150F chassis with zero mods necessary, and having it turn into a totally different bike! I SHOULD get a pass because I actually race mine!! Here's a vid of me racing my nearly showroom stock 150F (NOT the hybrid beast I'm racing with now!) in a pit bike race around 2013. It's just the start, but you'll get the idea. Somehow I got off line before we went up the hill, and kinda got stuck for a second in a cross rut. I have a vid of the same race last week on Labor Day with my hybrid. Alot different-- the new bike is FAST!!!! --L*64