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  1. endoraator

    Oil Leak on TE-610

    Happened to my 2007 TE610ie also in first 2000km. I removed the cover and clearly there was something wrong with factory liquid anaerobic gasket. I purchased new liquid anaerobic gasket form local store and put it together and no leaks after that. Regards, Endo
  2. endoraator

    2007 TE610E Clutch cover

    New cover is perfectly welded. Even though it's alloy-magnesium mix, it was still possible to use aluminum welding techiques (argon). Now I need to remove the excessive amount of stuff and give it a last shine Endo
  3. endoraator

    2007 TE610E Clutch cover

    Thanks Countdown! This has crossed my mind, but I still think of welding the cover. This somewhow makes me more satisfied Endo
  4. endoraator

    2007 TE610E Clutch cover

    Hi, Last weekend my clutch cover of my new TE610E met with stone. Now i have 7x2cm hole in it. Going through the catalogs I have found different part numbers for 2006/2007 (8000 A5320) and for earlier (8000 92057). Older model is around $150 cheaper. Does anybody know what is the real difference in those except color? Has it been made from different material? Magnesium-Alloy? Can it be welded, as >$300.- is big money for the cover? Endo :prof:BTW: Always carry an adhesive tape with you as it can get you out from woods. It did help me to close the hole and reach the road where my friends were waiting me
  5. endoraator

    hs40 (TM40) jetting for Husqvarna

    And here are the settings for open intake and exhaust: Air jet: 1,0 Pilot jet: 27,5 Needle jet: Y4 Needle: 9DJY4-96 / 3rd Clip Main jet: 150 pump nozzle:40
  6. endoraator

    fly wheel puller mm size????

    The right measures are 28mm x 1,5 RH / male. Place an order to: http://www.repairmanual.com/items/17/10469 It does work on my SM570 Endo
  7. endoraator

    Husky TC 610 2000 model

    Hi, http://husky.maennertoern.de/?page_id=13 look under the wsm section ( work shop manuals) It's all there Endo
  8. endoraator

    610 flywheel puller

    Today opened my brand new TE610IE to check all bolts and nuts. Noticed that it requires 35mm x 1,5 RH / female flywheel puller not 25mm x 1,0 RH / female as I was advised by some people.
  9. endoraator

    610 flywheel puller

    Hi, If you are talking about TE 610 (flywheel on the right side) then the right measures are 28mm x 1,5 RH / male 25mm x 1,0 RH / female is TE 610E (flywheel on the left side). Regards, Endo
  10. endoraator

    Dirt wheels that will fit a SM610?

    Hi, KTM front wheel has different space +8mm on the break disk. I could not fit the wheel properly without playing with the spokes. Decided to purchase the Husky wheel instead and not to play and have average result. Regards, Endo
  11. endoraator

    Checking the big end

    Thanks I will try to check that. Endo
  12. endoraator

    Checking the big end

    Hi, Can someone advise if there are some ways to check the big end without opening the engine? Can it be heard? Engine is TE 610 from 2000. Regards, Endo
  13. endoraator

    KTM engine on Husqvarna

    Hi, As I'm in the middle of searching new engine as the original was demolished by the conrod, I was thinking if there is possibility to fit KTM/Husaberg engine to Husqvarna TE570. There are much more KTM/Husaberg engines available in ebay than Husky engines. Has someone ever tried it? Sorry for the silly question Endo
  14. endoraator

    Blown TE570 motor

    Hi all, Ok engine has been disassembled and problem identified. Connection rod had probably defects, small cracks in the bearing side and in one moment it just did not handle the force. It broke into the pieces and crank pushed those through the crankcase. It also touched the piston and piston broke the bottom end of cylinder. So the only parts I can reuse are Crank, cylinder head and the gearbox. All the rest needs to be replaced. New engine basically Here are the new pictures: http://www.hot.ee/endoviires/index.html Regards, Endo
  15. endoraator

    Blown TE570 motor

    Hi, Here are some preliminary pictures. Does not seem nice. http://www.hot.ee/endoviires/images/Photo_080806_001.jpg http://www.hot.ee/endoviires/images/Photo_080806_003.jpg http://www.hot.ee/endoviires/images/Photo_080806_004.jpg Will open the engine tommorow so more to come. Endo