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  1. A heavier flywheel makes all the diffrents...
  2. gilbert44a

    Anaheim 2 torrent??

    This is round 1 not 3:foul: Round 3 Lites - Anaheim will be on air Saturday 26th on Speedtv...
  3. gilbert44a

    Floating the ground

  4. gilbert44a

    Lifting front wheel in the dirt

    Here is the answer in Swedish... http://soe.se/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=370&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight= For me it´s easier to lift the front in the dirt than on asphalt because of lack of grip on tarmac, Best surface to practice wheeling is on a field just after harvest..in Swedish: Stubbåkern
  5. gilbert44a

    front fork settings for WR450 - 2005

    Rebound: 10 clicks out 12 clicks out (for Europe) 14 clicks out (for AUS,NZ and ZA) Compression: 13 clicks out 12 clicks out (for Europe) 14 clicks out (for AUS,NZ and ZA) Standard oil level:128 mm 130mm (for Europe,AUS,NZ and ZA)
  6. gilbert44a

    Some ridning pics from sweden

    Yes, Sweden got all types of enduro- and mx-riding. Deep sand, muddy fields, rocky mountains, a`lot of clubs who do the best to get us riders satisfied. But our law about have our nature i good shape don´t let us ride everywhere, but who care´s.... The girls you can find almost in every little village.... Sorry for my spelling...
  7. gilbert44a

    New for 07 wr450's ?

    Alu frame, yes, this is Stefan Merriman´s -06 WC-machine... http://www.yamaha-racing.com/photo/photodetail.asp?photoid=9063&action=view
  8. gilbert44a

    Enduro video

    The part from Sweden was enduro-wc from Skovde 2004. It`s not far from here (25km) and it`s a nice military-practicearea, if you are a member of the local dirtbike-club you can ride there every day of the week if the military don`t use the area. Here some more pict from 2004... http://av.rds.yahoo.com/_ylt=A9ibyJ2q3ThE8fEAOB4DRaMX;_ylu=X3oDMTBvdmM3bGlxBHBndANhdl93ZWJfcmVzdWx0BHNlYwNzcg--/SIG=11l0tasd2/EXP=1144663850/**http%3a//www.gruset.com/vm_bildspel
  9. gilbert44a

    Rear Brake Locking Up on YZ 426

    I got the same problem with my rear brake and I had lost the spring attached to the pedal.It works perfect in the garage then the bike is clean but in the dirt... Check the spring and the free play of pedal.