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  1. motojoe

    Big Bore Kit?!?!?!?!?!

    What are some good brands to buy through. I want a kit that comes with everything I will need thanks.
  2. motojoe

    Cam Chain????

    How do you remove it before the head is removed? thats it thanks
  3. I took of my electric start because I was racing mx and needed to loose the extra poundage. What I took of was the button, battery and the starter relay. I am trying to put it back together now. I put in a new battery and reconected the button. I also put on a new relay and the electric start still dosent work. Any suggestions on what I can do. Thanks, Joe
  4. What do you think of it?
  5. motojoe

    250R Number Plate on 250X?

    Will the 250R number plate fit the 250X its a 2005 thanx
  6. motojoe

    Racing in Colorado?

    I am looking to start racing some hare scrambles and cross countries. What do i have to do to get started. Can you give me a website and a place to look at a list of events. Thanx
  7. motojoe

    steering stabilizers

    Scotts is deffinently the best
  8. motojoe


    When u decompress your forks do you have to do anything besides just taking the screws out and putting them back in. Just wondering
  9. motojoe

    Spark Arrestor

    i live in colorado springs and ride at pueblo motorsports park alot. do you live here?
  10. motojoe

    what did u get

    I am planning on getting a new skid plate what is the best choice? Thanx
  11. motojoe

    Spark Arrestor

    I just took out the exhaust cork on my 250x and was wondering how to get out the spark arestor with out completley ruining it. We ride out in the dessert so there are no emission requirements on it. Thanx
  12. motojoe

    New 450X

    My dad is getting a 450x and I wanted to know if there were any free mods you could do to it like you can do to the 250x. Anything like a pinkwire mod or exhaust anything like that? Thanks
  13. motojoe

    To jet or not to jet?

    I was going to cut a hole in the top of my air box like many people say to do. I live in colorado and was wondering if i would have to rejet it if i do this. Is the air fuel mixture normaly richer here or not?
  14. motojoe

    Pink Wire

    I cant find the pink wire i am supposed to cut. Where is it and what harness does it go into? Also where can I find the dimensions to cut my air box and will I have to rejet if i cut the box?
  15. motojoe

    I need help!

    I just got a 2005 CRF250X and I am looking for some free mods. I have heard of removing the exhaust baffle and the pink wire. But I need to have some one explain how to do them and any other free mods you may know.