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  1. nfoviking

    Dual Sport Tires

    I like the MT-60's. They work well on the road, though not as smooth as pure street tires. They slide earlier than street only tires, but do so very predictably. Looks alot like a flat track tread pattern. I haven't tried them off road, but expect they would be great on hardpack. Nothing works like a knobby in mud....
  2. nfoviking

    KTM690R 2010 harsh suspension

    In the past, I've had some success with adjusting oil levels in the fork. Try removing 5cc. If not happy try another 5. Worked miracles on my 250 xcf.
  3. nfoviking

    690 SMC Riding Impression

    I hear ya. There are plenty of big fast affordable bikes out there if you want one later, but there is only one King Hooligan - Go SMC!
  4. nfoviking

    690 SMC Riding Impression

    I think I'd really miss having a big bike around. Hope you find a way to off the DRZ and get the 690 without giving up the Busa..
  5. nfoviking

    690 SMC Riding Impression

    I felt the same way about my DRZ, plus it lacked the gearing to run comfortably at higher roadspeeds. The 690 cruises nicely at 80.. The 690, with a pipe and map, is very snappy. I like my garage with the Bandit 1250 and the 690 SMC. Would not want to choose. The Bandit is no fuss and travels well, but when I have 30 min or so to hoon around, I always pick the 690.
  6. nfoviking

    690 SMC Riding Impression

    Update: Removed the "silent" insert. Not noticably louder, but the fueling manners in map 2 (aggressive map) is nearly perfect. If you buy this pipe, removing the airbox cover, no exuast insert and the Akra map is as near dialed as you can get. I expect a high flow airfilter will finish it off. -- Rode with some veterans the other day. Riders are all track day survivers. Bikes were Suzuki RG250, SV650, Ducti 1000GT. Straights and corner exits were comperable up to 90mph or so.. The SMC corner speed was staggering in comparison. (I've mounted Michelin full race rain tires for winter riding). What a neat bike..
  7. nfoviking

    690 SMC Riding Impression

    That did the trick! Nice to fix something for free....
  8. nfoviking

    690 SMC Riding Impression

    Thanks, I'll try that.
  9. Spent about 3 hrs in the saddle of my new SMC this weekend. Mostly twisty roads. Only made a quick gas stop. Bike has full FMF with quiet insert, stock filter and Akro map. 1. Power is excellent for a single. Acceleration is good enough to ride with "real" streetbikes, unless you are blasting 4 lane highways. Easy to cruise at 80 mph. Windblast is more a factor than gearing or vibration. I've had a Husky 610 SM that, no offense to anyone, was a dog in comparison. (In fact, My DRZ ran better than the Husky.) The KTM is in another class altogether with tall gearing and the power to pull it. 2. Handling- I backed off the front damping to the last click and backed off the rear by 8 clicks to get some level of compliance. Works well. I found that I was running faster through the sweepers in damp conditions that I do on my Bandit 1250 in the dry. 3. Seat is reasonably comfortable. I was surprised that it works so well for me. 4. Off idle fueling is not real good. Think I need an airfilter to work with the current Akro map. Everywhere else it runs well. My buddy said it smelled rich from behind when he was following me, but it acts lean off idle. Guess that's why they make dynos... 5. I LOVE IT!
  10. nfoviking

    690 SMC FMF Header and Apex

    Got the bike yesterday with the Apex and Power Bomb. It was too loud for me without the "quiet insert". With the insert installed in its quietest position (apparently it can be inserted two different ways), it is nice and throaty at idle and on the louder side under a load. Sounds nice to me, but I am conciencous about annoying the folks who live along the rural roads I like to blast through. I can tiptoe out of my neighborhood with no problem as it does't get too loud until you lay into the throttle. All of this is subjective, ofcourse.
  11. nfoviking

    690 SMC FMF Header and Apex

    Thanks Simon... ...Did he remove packing/baffles from the as-delivered Apex? OR-was it super loud as-delivered?
  12. nfoviking

    690 SMC FMF Header and Apex

    I was afraid of that...I'll probably order a Q4 and leave the Apex for rural riding.
  13. Does anyone have a picuture of a 690 SMC or E with the Powerbomb header and Apex muffler? If so, any experiences you could share would be appreciated. I just ordered an 09 SMC and the deal included installation of the system and an Akro remap. Should have the bike delivered in the next couple weeks and am wondering what to expect...
  14. nfoviking

    DRZ250 Riding Impressions and comparison

    Thanks Ed, I'll checki it out. Forks appear easy, but a longer shock is a tougher nut. Have you tried to re orient a 400 shock with the res on the left side of the bike?
  15. nfoviking

    DRZ250 Riding Impressions and comparison

    If I was out West and road more than once or twice a month, I'd want something a little longer legged and better suspended. In the woods, I could not justify it. I still would like an RM250 stroke just for the excitement factor, but I don't ride enough to justify two dirt only bikes.