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  1. speedo241

    BT101 to race 09 SX?

    If he can stay healthy I expect good things from him in 09.He will be a contender for sure.
  2. speedo241

    BT101 to race 09 SX?

    Yes he's back on Hondas for 09 and should make A1.
  3. speedo241

    J-Law Fired?

    True I just thought it was interesting seeing that he's not in for the open and no talk about him since X games.If it's true or not only time will tell.
  4. speedo241

    Supercross J-Law Fired?

    I just saw on MXA that YOT fired J-Law till he sobers up and get's his act together.Do we believe them?I listened to dmxs and they said if he was let go by YOT no other factory would go after him since he's a big gamble.Mxa said a big anouncement is coming regarding his status.If it's true I say it's about time.I guess we shall see soon enough,lot's of talk about this lately so time will tell.
  5. speedo241

    Brett Metcalfe

    FC does there own motors in house,they don't use PC anymore.
  6. speedo241

    Jason Lawrence back toSupercross 2009

    yot kept him for one reason and one reason only the #1 plate.This is his last chance at riding here in the US.If he has problems again he will lose his ride and will most likely be on his own if he wishs to continue.He has the talent no dought but lacks in fitness, and is a mental basket case.He talks crap way to much just look at the x games.He said he was gonna kill it at x games and do this and that and where did he finish again.He's talent with no brains and I think 09 will be more of the same from j-law.He will be a Arenacross star in 2010.
  7. speedo241

    Anaheim 1 "Lites" predictions

    Should be good,heres my top 5 Hepler Dungey Reardon Metcalfe Weimer J-Law mid pack HEHEHEHEHEHE
  8. speedo241

    apparently jason lawrence got a dui...??? TRUE...???

    It had the link on motonews,They moved to a new site format and I can't find it.The new site is fugged up and half the site don't work.I will look for it and post it if and when I find it.
  9. speedo241

    Dusty Klatt and Jeff Gibson video

    How were his results last year?They were so good he got fired,and why did they let him go becouse he can't ride SX.He is a great mx rider he's not a good technical rider that you must be in SX.
  10. speedo241

    apparently jason lawrence got a dui...??? TRUE...???

    Do a google on him and you will find the artical.
  11. speedo241

    Any info on Darcy Lange??

    I agree:thumbsup: 09 will be a great year for Darcy,he's a great kid with a huge heart and will geter done.
  12. speedo241

    Dusty Klatt and Jeff Gibson video

    Klatt will probibly miss the first 5 rounds due to a crushed shoulder blade.He recently went down practicing and will need surgery could miss the whole sx season just depends how bad it really is.He is not a sx rider and gets hurt when he tries it,needs to stay in mx only.
  13. speedo241

    apparently jason lawrence got a dui...??? TRUE...???

    Yes it's true and doesn't surprise me one bit.There is a reason why Mitch didn't pick J-law to ride a PC bike,he partys like a rockstar.Last year when we went to Red Bud my son raced sat am night.J-law was there watching the amature races drunk and acting like a fool,if it wasn't for a couple of team members he would of been arrested.He has all the tallent to win a title if he takes it serious,drinking and hitin the pipe isn't the way to get it done.
  14. speedo241

    brake woes

    Whats the problem?
  15. speedo241


    Live on speed aswell