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  1. jct9841

    Need a dualsport seat for XR650R

    Stock seat sucked. Corbin seat sucked even more (too much slope). Renazco seat great! Well worth the wait. JT 2001 XR650L
  2. Hello all, Took the bike out for a 50 mile ride last weekend. The engine died a couple of times when downshifting for a stop sign & pulling in the clutch. Started OK with the starter. Also when cruising at highway speeds and suddenly backing off on the throttle and pulling in the clutch the engine died. Started by popping the clutch. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. JT
  3. Hey all, I'm looking to add a rear rack to my 01 XR650L. Found this one on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&sspagename=ADME%3AB%3AWNARL%3AMT%3A12&viewitem=&item=170110607002 Anyone tried/have one of these? Open to alternate suggestions. Thanks, JT
  4. jct9841

    Acerbis Front Fender Install Snag...

    I ended up doing the wiring harness re-route. Plenty of slack. The fender came with a triangular piece of plastic with two posts sticking out. What is it? JT
  5. jct9841

    Acerbis Front Fender Install Snag...

    Thanks for the quick replies! I lilke the plate Kelley made - wish I could fabricate one. I'll try the harness re/route or spacers. later, JT
  6. all, Trying to mount this thing (acerbis universal supermotard front fender) on an '01 XR650L but the wiring harness is in the way (there is no trough for it as in the stock fender). I'm thinking of adding spacers? Anybody else run into this? Other solutions? Thanks in advance, JT
  7. jct9841

    xr650l suspension setup?

    Upon further searching I found a relevant document on this site but would welcome any other suggestions. JT
  8. jct9841

    xr650l suspension setup?

    I am getting ready to experiment with alternate suspension setups on my ''01 xr650L. I've searched and found several threads on "sag." Based on the weak operators manual documentation I'm not sure where the stock rear spring preload position should be. It's cranked down pretty tight/stiff with about 5/8" worth of threads showing at the top of the shock. If a step by step procedure (with pictures) exists on this subject please forward link. Thanks in advance, JT (250lbs., 6'4") 01 Honda XR650L 04 Bmw 1150gs
  9. Looking for suggestions/experience for 2001 xr650l on the following: Footpegs: (need bigger ones for big feet) looking at White Bros. tri pro pegs Exhaust: Looking at White Bros E2 and Supertrapp ISD2 (haven't heard either) Graphics: Looking for something that will work on Clarke plastic tank. Thanks in advance, JT
  10. jct9841

    clarke 4.0 tank install question (foam?)

    Tank installed and driving range increased. It fits really well and very secure. Thanks, JT
  11. jct9841

    clarke 4.0 tank install question (foam?)

    thanks for the reply dd. where did you get the tank graphic/decal you have on your bike? JT
  12. Good Morning, Received the clakre 4.0 tank and am going to install it today on my xr650l. Question - Where does the foam go? Do I wrap the frame by the front mounts or near the rear bolt, or along the whole ridge? thanks in advance, JT
  13. Hey, Been working on getting the ergonomics on my 2001 xr650l upgraded to fit me better. Seat: the bike came wit a corbin seat. It's firm but has such a steep slope I'm always sliding down to a very uncomfortable position (i'm 6'4" and 240). I put the stock seat on and got a numb butt in 15 minutes. Any other aftermarket seat options? Any resources for rebuilding the stock seat? Handlebars: Any taller solutions other than risers? I feel real awkward in the woods leaning over all the time. BTW: this site rocks!! Thanks in advance, Later, JT 2001 XR650L, desmogged, uncorked, continental tires, looking for exhaust
  14. jct9841

    XR650L Gas Tank??

    Thanks Happy. I have one of those universal sockets but it's too wide to get a purchase on the bolt head. I'm going to look around for a smaller one today. Probably will go with the Clarke 4 gallon. How do you offset the too lean setup? JT
  15. jct9841

    XR650L Gas Tank??

    Hey, …a couple of things. 1. Trying to take off the tank on my 2001 XR650L and nothing fits the bolt, metric or sae and I can’t get any adjustable wrench on the thing. Any ideas? 2. Clarke or IMS larger tank? Pros & cons? 3. Can I run the bike without the wings that I took off (heat)? Does anyone have/make straps/brackets to secure the tank without the wings? Thanks in advance, JT