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  1. If you're looking for power/speed from a 2smoke Kawi, IMHO, it's hard to beat a ZXI 1100 (maintenance and repair is a breeze as well)
  2. Florida

    Saturday am may work for me too.
    For my most recent ride I replaced a slightly worn Dunlop 756F Race Replica front with an MX32 for use in the sand and loamy soil here in East Central FL. Honestly, I'd give it 6 stars if I could, because many laps later... I'm still trying to reach the cornering limits of the new tire's potential...
  3. Florida

    Welcome Slo, Looks like you're in the Jax area, correct? Where do you ride, or plan on riding? I did want to try out WW, but am waiting until I have a full day to make the trip up and back. Nick
  4. The best kept vet secret? Pick your riding buddies by age. Make sure they're all considerably older than you...
  5. Florida

    Interested. Bike's ready. Truck's ready. Slow, old, beat up rider's kinda ready. It all depends on my house guest's schedule. If they decide to head back north Sunday am. I'd like to check the place out. I'll shoot you a PM if it looks doable. Thanks for the heads up
  6. Gotcha, thanks DonO. I'm only an hour away, and would like to try it out... is there a track website w/schedule available? Every attempt I made to find one ended in broken links or @ the track facebook page.
  7. Sorry DonO, I'm really new to the area (August) and have no idea of where you're referring to. However, I am always looking for new places to ride, so if you would fill in the blanks...
  8. "I want to replace my beaten Late 70's Scott boots with a new pair of TCX Pro 2.1s." PLEASE! MY BOOTS AREN'T "OLD SCHOOL..." "THEY'RE ANCIENT SCHOOL!"
  9. Illinois

    +1 on that! Had a great time this past Sunday, everything was in better than expected shape. Well worth the drive and $$$.
  10. Phillybeef, #3 is a classic, thanks for sharing! Another from Honda Hills, PLEASE no comments on the form, remember, this was Old Skool stuff:
  11. Came across a few old treasures, here's one: Honda Hills circa 1979, when Dick Klamfoth still owned the place. I always wondered how noisy the roost was to workers inside the scorer's shed in the background.
  12. WC on the rad braces and glide plate for MX. First things I bolted on to my 450. Great fit, very light weight. Get ready for a bit more noise from the engine tho, reflected from the glide plate. If your bashing in the woods, Devol may be a better choice. And yes, swapping out the chain is a good idea. It'll let you use the stock sprockets MUCH longer.
  13. +1 on the 13/51, 14/51 setup. Inexpensive, no link adding changeover. I do use the DID/Renthal combo. Long wear, no complaints.
  14. +1, good point about the hot start!