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  1. Hello all, I'm trying to research and learn whether I'd be happier with the 2006 YZ450F or the CRF450. Any comments on these bikes or links to previous threads is appreciated. I'm considering upgrading from a 2000YZ250. I was wanting experienced opinions related to tall riders. Does the CRF450 accomadate taller (6' tall) riders better than the YZ450F? When I changed from a 1999KX250 to a 2000YZ250, it was difficult for me to become fully comfortable with the YZ ergonomics. And even after a couple months to become comfortable, I always felt too tall for the bike and therefore really bent over the handle bars. But I could jump on a buddies 2000CR250 and instantly feel at home. And therefore I think it fit me better. I finally installed protaper upper tripple clamp with adjustable bar mounts moved as far forward as possible, and this instantly helped greatly. Does the 06YZ450F handle bar mounts have the option to move bars forward by rotating bar mounts 180degrees? All knowledge is appreciated.