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  1. I'm on my 3rd drz-sm. First one I got the MRD ssw (now named Zpro). 2nd bike got used and it came with a full yoshi RS2, and now I bought another mrd zpro for my current drz. Can't go wrong with either pipe, but I love the MRD. Dave who makes them is awesome, have had no issues with either of mine. They're both loud, any open pipe on this bike is. The sound difference isn't a make or break difference in my opinion. Something to keep in mind, the MRD pipes sometimes are back ordered and are handmade so there is sometimes a waiting period, it varies so check daves website. Maybe something else to consider if you want to buy one right away without waiting. I'm sure you will be happy with whatever you decide on.
  2. haha I DO I DO!! club track looks like it would be alot of fun. kinda tight but i like it. i bet it must be nice after a good rain though nice riding btw:ride:
  3. hey guys thanks for the compliments! yes i do realize that i am very lucky, it's awesome to have a place to yourself. I actually had a company come out to build it for me. It was surprisingly cheap, and they pounded it out in less then 1 day! I will be adding more to the track though eventually. There's alot of straight-aways that need to be filled up with jumps!
  4. Our track was built afew weekends ago, and i havn't been taking too many pics lately... just been riding! It's not the biggest, or best but I'm really happy with the way it turned out! I have a few pics of just after it was built though. Eventually we will make some changes and make things bigger, but for now I'm really really happy! some pics... sorry, the quality isn't great because I had to resize them. thanks for looking, i'll try and get some action pics asap!
  5. That doesn't sound like too good of a friend!! you're lucky you weren't more seriously hurt. i think he means a rail used for skateboarding. like to grind on and all that stuff haha
  6. I always liked this song with a video. "Seeing Double At The Triple Rock" by NOFX. goes well with fast riding i think. check this out -------> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=907657653487758529
  7. hahaha you guys are picky!! sure.. maybe you've seen hotter in magazines, or at the bar... but if she was put infront of you... some of you guys wouldnt even know what to do with her! haha shes hot and i'll leave it at that lol.
  8. hahah i was sooooo focused at the last part of level 3... that scared the absolute shit outta me. plus it didnt help that i forgot to turn my speakers down after listening to loud music!!!
  9. I can't wait for all this snow to be gone... im finally seeing some grass again in some places though! i hate winter
  10. wow that looks like fun. where was I!? I live right near orangeville! Is that an open place to ride or is it a private place that just held the event?
  11. hahahaha, yeah aren't those girls boots? i thought they were called "uggs" or something. maybe im wrong... maybe they're "unisex" hahah keep those pics coming
  12. wow that's sooooo clean
  13. Not nearly as nice as yours, but I'll show mine. Love the yz250's
  14. check out his garage... its int he mod list!