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  1. xantiasupermoto

    New 2018 CRF on my radar...thoughts?

    Great bike In addition to the engine that wants a job to work low Best forks very good shock good brakes fantastic frame For engine you need recall clutch basket (I have Hinson before recall) Last for bottom you need Air case without screen ,aftermarket exhaust (Yoshi works perfect ) ,vortex ignition and vertex 14,2 piston,49 rear sprocket ,1,8 radiator cup
  2. xantiasupermoto

    2018 CRF250R Aftermarket Clutch Plates

    Discs are the same in the models from 2004 to 2019
  3. xantiasupermoto

    2018 CRF250R Questions For Owners

  4. xantiasupermoto

    CRF 250 2018 Big bore Kit

  5. xantiasupermoto

    2018 CRF250R - Off-Road Required Mods!!!

    vortex help better in bottom power map 1 gives torque Yoshi gives small torque and overall bike becomes steeper My opinion Yoshi and vortex is the best selection for MX tracks not for enduro For enduro you needs softer setting in suspension (fork is the best for MX ) shock works somewhat odd but not bad Last 18 rear wheel And vortex (9 maps for play ) 0 map is launch control
  6. xantiasupermoto

    2018 CRF250R - Off-Road Required Mods!!!

    vortex ignition helps new crf If you need to choose between vortex and Yoshimura take vortex Vortex help better and both together give much better power everywhere
  7. xantiasupermoto

    2018 new bike time

    attention to the battery just takes a 20 to 24 hour load that is very basic for the duration of one and it is expensive BMS battery management system only requires special charger !!!!!!!!! BMS RESET that was a bit too expensive
  8. xantiasupermoto

    CRF250 2018 SPRING RATES

  9. xantiasupermoto

    CRF250 2018 SPRING RATES

    Hi question I waiting for my son crf250 2018 Have weight 65 kilos about 143 pounds without gear I need softer springs Standard spring rates?
  10. xantiasupermoto

    Search for crf 280r mapping

    For better results look vortex ignition Used have about 150-200 euro
  11. xantiasupermoto

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    YZ125 2016 SONS BIKE
  12. Hi looking for rebound pistons (valves) for showa 49mm spring forks outer diameter is 25mm inner 6mm Does anyone know who will find ? Showa 47 have 23mm pistons
  13. xantiasupermoto

    2011 rmz250 Cannot get into neutral

    This is clutch problem check metal, fiber discs ,inner hub ,pressure and clutch basket
  14. xantiasupermoto

    2011 rmz 250 good bike?

    2010-2011 rmz 250 have gear problems (3-4 gear ) ,engine is strong ,great low mid, good suspension and brakes Only check the gearbox
  15. xantiasupermoto

    RMZ 250 clutch spring bolt torque spec?