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  1. andkar

    anyone with a rewinded stator?

    hej i´m doing the rewinding my self and i got a problem. on the stator there is 8 coils on my stock, there is 3 coils for the cdi, is it the same on a rewinded stator? and the wire size is it 18 or 20? please help me........... andreas
  2. andkar

    help with rewinding my stator

    thanks for the help but i have already been on those sites, thanks anyway andreas
  3. andkar

    help with rewinding my stator

    hello i need some help with my statorrewinding, i started doing it my self......... how many coils for the ignition 1,2 or three? anybody out there who have done it yourself who can help me? what is the meaning with floating ground?, i know that you should take away the ground on the stator. which gage of wire should i use 18 or 20 or something else? many questions and hopefully some answers i hope you understand my english andreas