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  1. someone at KTMTalk brought this thread to our attention... fun stuff... there is nothing I love more than to see someone using fun as the platform to succeed... that plus a pinger, YEE-HA!... to have you make the big show would be like Christmas all over again... Good luck bro!
  2. Hello E-ticket, looks like a good time. It is cool that you get to ride w/ your lady, and you are fortunate to be able to ride this time of year. And a... don't worry I won't tell the folks at the orange site that you are out being... unfaithful.
  3. can you post a link or flyer?
  4. I remember following a tip/trick that I read about on here that had you drill a new hole for the ball end of the cable in your lever, it worked and was free!
  5. He is just under 6 feet, so not as crucial as some of you guys but there is an old set of Renthals on there and thought while I am at it getting a little height would be good since we ride the woods and stand a lot. I had read about the J Buttons but couldn't find 'em.
  6. What is the best way to go about getting more height for my son's KDX220? Risers? Tall bars? I have a new throttle cable, grips, bark busters but thought it would be nice to get some more height while putting on the new stuff. Thanks.
  7. Is it worth it? I have tried the search on this topic and though I know this question has been asked before searching yielded nothing. Well anyway I have broken down my sons KX100 and we put in a new top end and we are working on the linkage and swingarm bearings but then I thought... it is here on the table broken down, should I do the TT classifieds/ebay thing. He has moved up to my old kdx so we are not keeping the KX.
  8. I don't feel men should be posting in "your" forum so I apologize but I don't want to walk around the mall asking these q's so I thought I could get an easy poll here. The telling of funny stories etc by women is common place (thank God) but I was having a hard time remembering the last time ( tv excluded) a gal said something like " A chicken and an egg were lying in bed... the chicken lights up a cigarette, and the egg says "well... that answers that question!!" I then wondered do women tell jokes amongst themselves? If the new gal at the office tells jokes do the other gals think "what's w/ her". And Fox Chick please don't get me depressed, I live in the land of no critical, humorless, uptight, and self-absorbed, women. I will check back in after I go to
  9. ... ladies, do you tell jokes?
  10. I was telling a buddy that I have never heard my girlfriend tell a joke and come to think of it she never laughs at my jokes(even though they ARE tremendously funny). Ya she may smile w/ that "you are such a dip sh*t " look on her face... but it got me thinking that the amount of women that tell jokes has to be a lot fewer than men who tell jokes. Am I right?
  11. If you go to KTMTalk I did a ride report on a class I took in VT... well worth it!
  12. Ya, what's this over 40 crap! Just use your head and don't try any "grit your teeth - uh oh here I go - roll the dice " attempts. I ride the woods 99% of the time but go to the track to practice among other things, corners and jumps... just do it incrementally. Just go easy... unless you look good in PLASTER!
  13. Supercross

    I don't race mx but it makes sense what you guys are saying about Alessi putting himself on the chopping block in that last turn and it makes it fun for the viewer. That was fun to watch! It becomes obvious however that Milsaps "little brain" is getting in the way when he is constantly thanking his fiance. You know that his factory bosses said "oh boy, here we go" when he started getting goofy over Miss Supercross. Many a sports star has been taken down by the all powerful pooon-tang!
  14. could someone explain what type of event this is
  15. I did this last year and loved it. I will be there this year.