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  1. BR9EG in the 03
  2. i dont understand why you would deprive your engine of lubrication. jetting will get you very close to the same amount of power w.o wrecking your top end
  3. how bout this the boy JB was a friend of mine till i caught him in my car tryin to steal an alpine chase him up the street to call a truce the silly m***** F***** pulls out a duce duce little did he know i had a loaded 12 gauge 1 sucka dead LA times front page. boyz in the hood, great song lol
  4. ^word
  5. since when are 4 strokes low maintance?
  6. yeah but i make it go fast! pops is the mechanic, especially after all the falls i put on it today
  7. "had you been wearing a sign i could have stopped you" jeff foxworthy here's your sign
  8. thanks, i got the bike in the middle of winter, too cold to ride! so i bought a few things for it and gave it some TLC. i used mothers polish and a buffer pad on a cordless drill.
  9. BTO or motosport closeouts are where i get all my gear, got one set for 110 and another for 159, both fox 360s. great prices
  10. get a pipe designed for top end (sst or rev for FmF) drop a few teeth on the driven sprocket. Possibly new reed and/or cage. hi flow filter. keep a few extra sprockets for different tracks. go up one on your main jet. or.... get a crf 450! haha j.k
  11. ive had mine for about 6 rides now, no sign of wear. GREAT boot! i just make sure my foot is in a good spot (not slipping off) best fit ever
  12. yeah, get it. the 450. the power is soo amazing yet soo smooth at the same time. i have never had a time where the 450 was just too fast for me. its an amazing bike.
  13. the dyno graph shows HP and torque throught the RPM range of the bike, at least from what dynos i looked at. correct me if im wrong
  14. im gonnna keep my stocker. that way, if i get passed in a race, its becuase "the other guy had a pipe!" and if i win, then im all talent and the other guy looks like a spode