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  1. thanks everyone.
  2. ok, stupid question of the day. if I want more top end do I go up or down on the rear sprocket??
  3. Thanks but I think I will skip the McGyver method. But seriously, thanks.
  4. as you read this my bike is getting the works done to it, as far as the engine. I am guessing it will use alot of gas trying to keep up with the big boys out on the trails. anyone know where I can get a bigger fuel tank? is there such a thing?
  5. The ebay guy seemed like a scammer, but that bike really does exist. Its a SSR with a Lifan 124cc motor. 30 day warrenty. Look up ^, you can get it from Outlaw Powersports. Costs 2k
  6. Ever had a closed head injury?
  7. Dude, you'r not right !!