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  1. mlight9

    250xc vs 300xc

    I tried both bikes, but went with the 300 because of the bottom end power it offers. Plus, I'm a bigger guy and needed that bottom end power when I get into those tight spots.
  2. mlight9

    2 Stroke Petition

    Just signed!!!!!! Tried four strokes, stopped riding in 2007 because i got tired of the noise. Just started riding again on a two stroke and it is awesome, wish I never owned a four stroke. Still can't stand the noise at the MX tracks, but what can you do? Most people are too blind to see it, or just don't care what they are doing to our sport.
  3. mlight9

    Waukee Iowa

    Just want to ride, doesn't matter if it's MX or woods I enjoy both.
  4. I have a Clarke 2.6 on my bike and it works just fine. The shrouds don't sit as flush as it does with the stock tank, they might stick out about a 1/8 inch or so, but no big deal. The tank hangs down about 2" more than stock on both sides and about 2" higher than the stock one. I don't notice it being any wider over stock but the lady and Clarke said it was about 1/2" wider than stock. I didn't consider the IMS tank just because it was going to be way to big, and have heard they can cause your bike to over heat if the trail gets to tight and you can't keep your speed up. I will try and take some pics tomorrow if I get a chance. I bought mine from Clarke and got a good deal from them.
  5. mlight9

    Waukee Iowa

    Does anyone live close to Waukee, Iowa that rides dirt bikes. Moved back to the area and looking for other people to ride with. Have a buddy who rides but only gets to go when his wife is not bitching and whinning about him going.
  6. mlight9

    Scotts stabilizer

    Should have bought one of these a long time ago, I'll never go without again. I couldn't say in words how bad ass this thing is. Go buy one NOW!!!!!!!!!
  7. mlight9

    Mill Creek, Arkansas

    There is a crapper at the main trail entrance, and cleared spots to camp along the road. I don't think there is any running water anywhere that I know of. If the weather is going to be nice I would get there early Friday or late Thursday because it will feel up quick. Lots of campers with 4 wheelers
  8. mlight9

    Mill Creek, Arkansas

    It's South East of Fayetteville, Ar on Hwy 16 E about 30 miles or so. No day use fee that I know of.
  9. mlight9

    Scotts stabilizer

    From what I understand, it will help with every aspect of dirt bike riding. The reason I like to post my new stuff is to give reports to help other people make decisions on stuff they are thinking about buying. Johny Campbell uses one and he is the Baja king, so yes it must work in the dunes.
  10. mlight9

    Scotts stabilizer

    Just installed my Scott's steering stabilizer, I will give a report on the steering stabilizer after I ride this weekend. And I'll post some pics with it.
  11. mlight9

    Anyone with a Clarke 2.6 fuel tank

    Well, I went ahead and ordered the Clarke fuel tank for my YZ. Got a smoking deal on a blemished tank from the people at Clarke could not be any happier. The gas cap when screwed on sits a little cockeyed on the tank which is no big deal to me. I plan on going to a quick feel system anyways in the near future. Otherwise the people at Clarke are first class, very nice to deal with and very helpful, I would recommend them to anyone. Just thought I would share my experience.
  12. mlight9

    Mill Creek, Arkansas

    Arkansas is full of tree huggers for sure, the rangers are not much better.
  13. mlight9

    Mill Creek, Arkansas

    Well I know some of you guys go down to the Mill Creek area to ride in NW Arkansas once in a while. Well I hate to be the guy with bad news, but from what I've heard, a lot of the land that you ride on in the Mill Creek area will be closed after the first of the year. It sounds like you will be restricted to just the color coded trails and that is it. Which leaves you with about 40 miles of trails to ride, and will take probably 60 or 70 miles of trails and fire roads away. I got to ride there a couple of years ago and went 80 miles and never hit the same trail twice and very little fire road at all, it was awesome. I will post more as I found out more information on this. Let's just hope this is just a rumor and my buddy is just bullshitting me. Just in case, you might take a trip down this fall to get your feel of Mill Creek at it's finest. I'll keep you posted.
  14. mlight9

    Bluff Creek Iowa

    It's better then not having any place to ride at all. You have some small hills to play on and some trails that run the outer edge of the 300 acres. The trails are not directional so keep your head up. They have motocross track to play on if you like that kind of stuff. Then by mid day, the place is pretty full of quads and they pretty much over run the place by mid afternoon. Good Luck
  15. mlight9

    Anyone with a Clarke 2.6 fuel tank

    I ride a 2006 YZ450 and only get about 40 to 45 miles out of the stock tank. If I could get 60 miles I would be really happy with that. I don't want to go with the 3.1 from ICO that's just to big.