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    Yes it can. The ama just made the 125cc class into a 144cc class and also passed the rule that the ktm can run in the class. The rule before sad t hat the bike must be a 125 bored out to 144 but now the rule states that any 144cc bike can compete. Look at the 2007 rule book, they made a lot of changes.
  2. evdog09

    Henry Hill video

    His throttle was stuck open. He didnt do it op purpose.
  3. evdog09

    Kx85 exel rim. Stock rims. Fork springs !!!!!!!

    Ill buy the gold rim from you. How much?
  4. evdog09

    GN4 motor oil in tranny?

    My buddy tells me that running motor oil (honda gn4) in the tranny of my kx125 is ok but just needs to be changed more often? Has any tried this and have any feedback?
  5. evdog09

    Pricing question

    That price seems reasonable for what the bike is worth but you arent going to get that. 125's are very hard to sell these days and yours is 5 years old as well. I just bought a 03 kx125 for $1700 and the guy had been trying to sell it for a few months. Wth the 4 stroke craze going on, people just dont want 125's anymore. i'd drop the proce to around $1500 and negotiate from there.
  6. fill it up to where the window says, if it's too high it will go out the over flow.
  7. evdog09

    I'm thinking BS

    Ragdoll, I hope you arent thinking that bike is one of te monster energy procircut bikes. Hamblin wwas a privateer last year. He had some great sponsors including monster but he wasnt on a factory team. The ebay bike claimed to be a factory bike. Hamblin probably sold the bike to get the money for it. The factory teams destroy their bikes unless the rider won a championship on it so I think they would keep that to themselves.
  8. evdog09

    I'm thinking BS

    Dude theres no way thats real, yes, nice bike but look at some htings the others didnt point out. Regular 7/8's renthal bars back tire is crap, rear sprocket crap, grips are shot, why would pro circut put another enginge brand (sfb) on their bike. He prolly bought the kit suspension from pro circut and some of the little parts. take a look at my bike, almost all that same stuff except suspension and I paid for all of that. http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c138/evdog09/592390205_l.jpg
  9. evdog09

    Dallas R14 torrent.. NO SPOIL!

    Would somebody please put the link for the torrent downloading program?? thanks a lot.
  10. evdog09

    YOUR biggest AIR!

    Ive ridden at Thunder Valley where that jump is at. Im not sure the length but its more high up then distance. Its huge, I can even imagine how anybody could clear it. I hit the little step up before it like 3rd gear pinned and dont even come close to casing.
  11. Thats a photoshop, dont be fooled
  12. http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c138/evdog09/592390205_l.jpg My 04 kx125
  13. evdog09

    Post 125 videos and pictures...

    My 2004 kx125, with toooo many extras http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c138/evdog09/592390205_l.jpg
  14. evdog09


    Very good photoshop job.
  15. evdog09

    1998 yz 125 service manual?

    ebay has tons of them.