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  1. Howdy Y'all, I was just checking out the Fast by FER. web sight and they listed a 12.5 high compression piston for the 2000 to 04 TE 610E bikes. Last I herd these pistons were for Kick start only!! I seem to recall that Uptite racing said the electric starter would not turn over the high comp piston. Anyone know what the real story is??? I sure would like 12.5 over the stock 9.0 if it would actually work!!

    2000 TE610E Carb Jetting

    Wow thanks Mikey413!! This setting is not far from what I have now!! I will give Youre recommendation a try. I am going to continue to fiddle with my custom repacked duel mufflers, but I may have to brake down and get a system from Uptite. Thanks again-BGG

    2000 TE610E Carb Jetting

    I fear you are right about annoying people!! The pipes have turned out louder than I wanted I will have to figure out some more baffles to keep it civilized. My carb currently has a 185 main and a 50 idle jet, no idea on the tubes. I have done the air box mods, and have a 50t on the rear. Thanks for the great info on youre bike. Anyone else had good luck with mods on there 610e?-BGG
  4. Howdy folks, forgive my mistakes, I am a newbee!!!. I have a 2000 te610e That I have gutted the exhaust on and have put straight pipes with baffles and deading matterial in. I do not know about the proper jetting would be with free flowing exhaust. I was hopping that some body with uptite exhaust or other aftermarket exhaust could give me an idea of the proper carb jetting they run. And yes my exhaust is heavier than stock, but it sounds incredible!!- Thanks-BGG