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  1. moores93

    first ride of the year

    Looks some some rough riding there. Good Times. Can't wait. I live in Co. Should be starting up soon. Already riding at that house, need to go to the mountains soon. It's been a long cold winter. steve
  2. moores93

    Simple Riding in Colorado

    My wife and I went up near Divide Saturday and rode the 717 trail system. The wife registered my bike and her quad at the "Forrest Service" office ??? I think. She got a map of the area there for free. We stuck to the 357 trails for the first time out. We had a blast and plan to take the whole family this next weekend if I get the Truck brakes checked out. Hope you enjoy, Ride ON Steve
  3. moores93

    KLX 125 hard to start & won't idle

    I'm no genius either, but have had the same issue with my daughters 125, after it sits for a winter or so. I clear off my work bench, and shop towels out before starting disassembly. I lay the parts out in order of removal, L to R and reverse this when going back together. It may be overkill, but the first time or two I printed out the parts breakdown from a microfiche to show the manner in which it all goes back together. I also wrote the jet sizes down on the sheet to aid reassembly. As for the problem, I believe Klxd is absolutely correct. Pilot Jet plugged. It is small, but you should be able to see light through it when removed and held up to the light. I use the Berryman Chemtool in a gallon can, I've had it for years. (wear gloves and safety glasses, it can be mean stuff) after letting the jets soak for about 30 minutes, I pull them out and blow compressed air both ways until I can see a nice round whole. Sorry for the long post, Hope this helps. sTeve
  4. moores93

    KLX300 owners, need to hear from you.

    I think it was $490. Jerry set it all up and made all the modifications before shipping it. He provided the cables as well. The stock carb was around $400. Steve
  5. moores93

    KLX300 owners, need to hear from you.

    Out of the box, it pauses when accelerating. If you see what you wanna go over fast enough and anticipate the hesitation, its not so bad. I am 6-2 , 250 and I had the Big Gun Header and Silencer with Dyno Jet Stage 2 kit. That really woke it up a lot, still had hesitation though. I now have the 36 mm Mikuni from Jerry Leighton at Four Stroke Works. This made a huge difference in throttle response, not to mention now, I can roll a quarter more throttle going into "whatever" and it picks the front end up easily. The other fellas know more about Susp. than I do, but I am planning to upgrade that next. Hope that helps Steve
  6. moores93

    How many KLX folks like their CV carb?

    The first thing I did was the Big Gun Pipe system and DJ Kit. It really mad a difference. Took a little tuning and I am no expert, so I have to give it props, its simple to work on. I dropped my carb this winter and broke off the air screw so, I had the option of buying a used, or new CV, or the FSW 36 mm Mikuni pumper. I am still waiting for the carb, will let you know, but honestly, I don't care how much better it works, I haven't ridden anything but my wifes quad in months, so I am itching. Later Steve
  7. moores93

    Four Stroke Works

    Thanks Co Kings. I used to live in Vegas, so that might have been necessary. Now livin in Calhan, so hopefully not so much. I have the Big Gun Evo X system, Uni Filter w/ airbox lid removed. I talked with Jerry about suspension mods Friday. I try to take it "one change at a time". I dropped my carb and broke the airscrew off, hence the new carb. I also added the Tusk risers over the winter. Can't wait to get my baby back out. As soon as that carb gets here, I'm kicking it. Thanks and have a great day all. Steve
  8. moores93

    Four Stroke Works

    Grimlock, Do you have one of the pumper carbs installed. I just ordered the 36 mm Mikuni. I talked with jerry last week (GREAT GUY). He and his wife tried to email me, but it got stuck in my junk folder, oops. I am hoping I don't HAVE to have the hot start, (had to talk the CFO into giving me the bucks for the carb. Don't wanna have to go back to the boss for more money.) I would be interested in the hot start kit info as well. Maybe some pics??? Steve Its the Ride!!!
  9. moores93

    05 KLX300 rear wheel removal

    Like he said, a couple of big crescents, or the proper Metric wrenches is good. I recommend 3 tire tools, it just makes it a little easier. I do my own now. I used to pay $15 in Vegas, but here in Co Springs, they want $60 to change my tire. Let me think about that for a minute... NO. I bought the tools, and the first time, did it in about an hour. I am sure it will get easier as I do it more. Good Luck. steve
  10. "It is 16 turns or clicks. Clockwise is firmer. counter clockwise is softer. I use a pocket flat blade screwdriver to adjust mine. I also use the same screwdriver blade to pry out the rubber plug. Good Luck GO Green " Just like he said. What fork oil did you change to? I tightened up mine and it is a lot stiffer. Thought about fork oil to, but doesn't seem to be necessary. Steve
  11. If memory serves, I thought the same thing when I wanted to adjust mine. There is a rubber plug in the "allen" looking hole. remove that and there is a slotted screw to adjust, approx 16 turns I think I can check my owners manual if You like, just lemme know Hope I hepped Steve
  12. moores93

    Turning Green!

    Dude, That looks and sounds friggin awesome. I got a couple of comment/questions though. 1. It appears you "turned green" a long time ago looking at the 'maro. How's that coming?. 2. I noticed a paddle tire hanging behind you in one of the pics. Did you finally man up and hit the dunes? Is it possible to have "KX Envy"? Yeah, it is, and I do. Like the hair too. Later pete. steve
  13. moores93

    Turning Green!

    Congrats there pegger! I hope your out riding it today. I'll kick my klx manana. Make sure your will says KX500AF to me before you ride. LOL.. JK. Let me know what kind of beast it really is. later steve
  14. moores93

    Oven cleaner, rocks, soap & water and brake cleaner!

    While we're on the subject, I would like to stiffen up my front end a little. Do you have any recommendations? I've heard of changing oil and possibly springs. I have adjustments on the front, but given I'm a big fatty, I prolly need more spring. Later
  15. moores93

    Oven cleaner, rocks, soap & water and brake cleaner!

    Hey there pegger, I hadn't thought about this maintenance. I will have to look at my 'saki now. I have access to Hi PSI N so, what the heck. By the way, if you have DP Cells with plugged lines, Say AWT R4 flowmeters, we use Hi PSI N to clear the lines. Works fantastically and no shrapnel yet. later