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  1. mxboy

    Piston help!!!

    If you are a fast rider any of the major manufactures bikes will detonate themselves to death. Just try to run a good race fuel and maybe try a different ignition like a vortex and see if you can get them to last longer.
  2. mxboy

    High compression piston

    Yeah your right. True that high octane prevents detonation but sometimes that number will mislead you. Additives in the fuel that the supplier mixes in that prevent detonation like MR9 can tolerate high compression ratios because they are made for performance applications not street cars. High rpms, and heat not so much as fuel economy and engine cleanliness. Look at your exhaust valves after using these race fuels and all the deposits on them. They are made with one thing in mind and its performance. Fuel like MR9 is great but the trade off is their corrosiveness and fuel boiling all these other factors. I believe you when you say that your 450 can tolerate pump fuel but you have to remember that 250's have a lot more stress on them. Im of the train of thought if your going to spend 8 grand on a bike and start modding it spend the money on the proper fuel choice. Save yourself the cost of rebuilding it after your piston cracked and your connecting rod went through the side of the cylinder wall (my poor bike I almost cried that day) Just my thoughts every guy has their own opinion, try pump if it works well good on ya, if not holy moly I feel for you.
  3. mxboy

    High compression piston

    yeah no doubt that there are inconsistencies from vp and other race fuel suppliers but generally it is in the area of oxygen content. You are right for sure sometimes you can get a can that does not jet in quite the same as normal. The variances In fuel never affect detonation issues that I have found or heard about. I will tell you what anything is possible some weird stuff can happen.
  4. mxboy

    High compression piston

    yeah good luck running in deep sand on pump gas where I am. I have seen some spectacular failures on wiseco and je pistons on pump. If you run a quality race fuel like U4 or MR9 you wont have problems.
  5. mxboy

    High compression piston

    you have to watch out with 13.5 pistons the rings wear out faster. Also I have no idea how all these guys in the U.S run those things on pump gas.
  6. mxboy

    guys show me your kawasakis

    caz345 your bike is a piece of art. Now take that thing to the track and beat the living hell out of it, thats what its made for. It is nice to see a guy with money build a mans machine instead of buying a corvette. Also how you got a hold of that super short exhaust that only the factory guys have is some works bike trickery. IM LOVIN THIS BIKE! Dont listen to the negative comments these boys wish they can be rollin on a bike like yours. If I had the coin which I dont, I'd be doin the same.
  7. mxboy

    Engine mods for 08 250crf

    RHC I was wondering what map number you were running with the Tokyo mods ignition as I have purchased one. I noticed you said 0.8 horsepower gain running a 13.5 compression piston. I'm interested in seeing how this thing works.
  8. mxboy

    Tire combinations

    Sand- Pirelli Scorpion mx soft 410 (these things are nuts in the sand a little unstable in corners but man the lap times drop) Soft,Intermediate- Dunlop 756rr (race replicas) nothing better but you pay Hard- Kenda carlsbad (really predictable slide characteristics and wears like iron)
  9. mxboy

    MXA 2008 450 shootout

    You have to realize the difference between the two magazine's Dirt Rider is for trail riders not hard core motocross. So the low to mid power of the RMZ makes sense for them. On the other hand MXA is all about going fast and winning races which in turn means spinning a lot of rpm where the suzuki doesn't have it according to them. The suzuki will be great for some and not so great for others, everybody is of different riding skill. When the bike comes out you pick it according to your needs and wants. Thats all but to the guy who is freaking out about people coming on here and bashing suzuki there is no problem getting pissed about a bull$hit product that is released. I will tell you what my 07 CRF250r has had gearbox problems and believe me Honda has heard all about it. I dont like forking over $8624.00 on a new bike that is not able to take race abuse. Just deliver what you advertise to the consumer thats all nothing wrong with picking something apart because I work hard for my coin!
  10. mxboy

    FMF or Yoshumira?

    No offence buddy but he did not ask for MRD exhaust. I have read from your other posts that you have not even ridden with his pipe yet so how would you know if its good or not? Just because its cheap and the customer service is good does not mean the exhaust is good. You are starting to sound like a salesman around here.
  11. mxboy

    Vortex Ignition awesome

    Did you have to change the jetting?
  12. mxboy

    Vortex Ignition awesome

    Are you guys using the ignition with the updated o7 maps?
  13. mxboy

    Pro circuit camshaft in 07

    Has anybody used this camshaft and how hard is it on the valve train? Im looking for mid and up power. If you guys know of anything else that's good like RHC tell me. Im not worried about losing some bottom end power.
  14. mxboy

    Vp U4.2

    Bodyman Do you find C12 to leave too many deposits In the motor? I stray towards this because my distributor up here is a complete jackass. He just tells you to run his CR4 blend that is so unstable that it goes shit in a week. Ms109 sounds interesting I am going to call him. Is the MS109 relatively stable fuel or do you have to be careful with storage? Sorry to be a pain but VP just forwards all my emails to him and I have to get tested on my knowledge of fuel before getting anything useful out of him.
  15. mxboy

    Vp U4.2

    Do you guys think just using c12 will work or will it over octane the motor and slow it down. I am not really looking for more power just consistent jetting. I am interested in the u4.2 because I was thinking that I am already spending the money than might as well get something good. Here in Canada I have noticed the gas companies change blends of fuel at the pumps quite often.