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  1. I have no affiliation to this ad but looks like a nice moto van for sale in California. I do not know how to post a direct link but here is the http address for add on craigslist. http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/cto/1841567256.html
  2. seniordad

    07 YZ450 Cam alignment problem

    Yes we did. When we load the tensioner it pulls the pin alignments below the head line on the intake cam side. It looks like it is off 1 tooth on the cams. It does not due this on any of our 250F's. The timing is off and the bike will not start. I have done 250F since 2004 and have never had a problem.
  3. We had our 07 YZ450 lower end repaired due to transmission gear problems. Now when we are putting the top end back on we can not align the intake and exhaust cam punch marks with the proper links between the upper cam gear punch marks. In the Yamaha manual it shows 14 pins in the timing chain between the upper cam gear punch marks. We only end up with 13 pins between the upper punch marks. The tech who did the transmission repairs told us that the 07 gear were superseeded to the 08 gears. When we looked up the timing chains in yamaha they show two different part numbers for the 07 and 08 timing chains. Does anyone here know if this could be our problem and the tech put the 08 chain on. We are on top dead center on a compression stroke. We need help!!! My head hurts from trying to fix this.
  4. I am looking for anyone who has used Dr.D cylinder head mods on either their 06 or 07 YZF250. Any information on power after the mod are welcome. We are thinking of using Dr. D this year on my sons bike. In the past we used another head mod company whom uses a larger intake valve and mills the piston for clearance with some light intake mods on his 06. They also use Hot Cams. Dr. D only does the porting and regrinds the valve/seats. Thanks for any help.