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  1. Mikeee P

    2004/2005 CRF250 owners check it

    Thanks Tyson I appreciate it. I didn't remember anything being there - but honestly couldn't remember. Mikeee P
  2. Mikeee P

    Big Bore for a bike with head mods

    I had an 05 CRF250 with an Athena big bore kit and a Hot Cams Stage 2 camshaft. I mated that to a White Bros Carbon Pro exhaust (no longer avail) and the thing ran like a scalded dog. The Stage 2 cam (no clue what the numbers are on it) was their top end and rev cam. The big bore added more oomph already and the carbon pro on that bike on all the dyno tests I saw was one of if not the highest hp exhausts... on this particular bikes these things came together to make a bike that hooked up well enough that it'd pull my YZ450F with a big bore. The YZ was spinning while the CRF was hooking up and pulling. It was an exciting little bike to ride... I can only imagine Allens porting and that particular head are going to work even better... I never dyno'd the bike but that wasn't what it was about. It was that on "dirt" this combo was hooking up. Any more power and it prob would have been spinning but instead it was just pulling and pulling with decent over rev. I dunno how much the pipe contributed because some of the mags wouldn't rate it because it was indeed loud! Thing is - it was making like 1+ hp more than the PC and FMF pipes I saw on dyno tests in mags so... I wanted that one! LOL Mikeee P
  3. A friend just called me from up North and wanted to know something. I had to dig to find a photo but I didn't have an answer... On the left side of the CRF250 right where the clutch arm is - there are two it appears BOLT holes that go straight downward... what mounts there or are they empty? Here is a pic of an 04 motor (the person has an 05) but you can see right behind the clutch arm on both sides are two openings that go straight down... This person just had this engine rebuilt with a new big bore kit and wants to make sure the mechanic didn't forget to put a part on. If anyone can tell me what goes there or if they are blank holes or... please let me know. It's appreciated. Thanks - Mikeee P (photo below)
  4. Mikeee P

    Then vs. Now - Lap Times and Speeds

    250cc vs 250cc I don't think the lap times changed that dramatically if you want to know the truth. Technology didn't come very far on bikes, just damping rates changed, stiffness of frames and then they backed off that (without ever admitting they were wrong). They also went to 20" front tires in SX without ever admitting it was because the bikes were beating riders to death now they are back to 21 and suspension settings that won't jar your retinas loose and make you go blind... Riders like Kied, LaRocco etc, could all have learned how to easily ride the steeper tracks of today -but- the SX tracks of old were steeper on their landings they had to be much more precise, now they have long drawn out landings. Anyone that has been to Steel City and seen Jonesy's old school SX track with a landing that looks just as steep as the take off knows what I mean... Lap times - they kill them now. As much as I love 250s they cannot compete with 450s. They hook up, have tons more torque, have more roll on... a few years ago on a works bike LaRocco couldn't jump LaRocco's Leap. Now privateers you've never heard of are jumping it from the inside line on their production 450s. So lap times now are way shorter... Mike
  5. Mikeee P

    Clutch Problem

    When the old clutch started wearing it would have let the lever get softer/softer (meaning closer/closer to the grip). So its adjusted for that. When you put the new THICKER clutch in it - it's now actually engaging the clutch a little bit! Back off the adjuster at the handlebar (screw it inward) so that the clutch is loser! You want about a nickles thickness worth of play between the lever and perch at all times... If you cannot loosen it enough there is an adjustment down at the engine case where you can loosen it more there. (it's been so long since I've had to adjust my clutch - there is one right at the cases isn't there? LOL). Trust me your riding style isn't hurting it - probably just your adjustment. I can go out and abuse my CRF230 and ride it like a 125 and the clutch never slips and I'm a big guy! Mikeee P
  6. Mikeee P

    High Flow Cone Filter Anyone running one??

    The RPM, bore size and carb size can't flow more than the airbox with the lid off can flow. I believe it was Mike Coe that tested this. So you're good to go with the stock box with lid off... A clamp on filter might even hurt power. Airboxes on most bikes make more power due to their sizing etc... if you look at the CR's they juggle back/forth with the size of the airbox. One year they even put a fake liner inside the airbox to decrease the size a tiny bit because the bike performed better that way. Mikeee P
  7. Mikeee P

    help! seized engine?

    If it rev'd up you probably sucked air. Check your base gasket and the reed gaskets. To get a look at the piston - take the pipe off and shine up in there with a flashlight. If you're lucky it'll be high enough for you to see the front. When you put it back together next time get some 3M adhesive or go to Yamaha and get some Yamabond and put on the gaskets on the reed cage. Not much, just thin-thin coat on both sides. It's possible on an older bike there might be a slight warp to the reeds or something of that nature. Also check your rubber intake manifold on the motor side that the carb goes into. Make sure there are no cracks. Pull your spark plug - it happened quick so I doubt there will be metal flakes, but if you see anything that looks like brass you lost your bottom end. If it's just white that's a lean condition from sucking air most likely. You DID remember to mix oil with it right *grin* And you are running a 9 series plug (8 will work). Peace... Mikeee P
  8. Mikeee P

    Kx250 big bore kit 295cc?'s

    If it's a sleeve big bore it's a big deal. The cylinder has to be heated, the old sleeve pressed out - the new one pressed in... as mentioned your powervalves have to be modified so they don't hit... 91 KX250 ran great with an FMF pipe and Boyesen Dual Stage Reeds. If you watch around you can prob find a pipe for that bike cheap-cheap because it's so non-current. Mikeee P
  9. Mikeee P

    Eric gorr 05 kx250 motor?

    His plating is the best PERIOD! He designed it in conjunction with INDY race teams. We had some issues many years ago with an RM125 big bore flaking... he took it to the company they went in and changed their entire process for the RM... I've run Eric's big bore motors forever with his plating and they just don't go bad unless you do something wrong. It's really-really hard stuff! Mikeee P
  10. Mikeee P

    New carb for a pw50

    Make sure you get a MIKUNI carb not a MIKINI which is a chinese knock off.
  11. Mikeee P

    PW50 Gearing (Need more bottom end)

    It's rough on a motocross track, but doing what you're doing this might work well... one of the things we did was literally inflate the tires to about 25-30psi. Why? Simple... the tire held a taller profile which is almost like changing the gearing, and at the end of a long start straight, they had more miles per hour! On the MX bikes though it was beating the kids pretty bad... so we dropped back to 25ish instead of 30psi. Might work much better with what you're doing. Another cool trick... take the cover off the drive gear. Wipe out as much of the grease as you can. Then make a 50/50 mixture of AntiSeize and Grease. It's slippery as heck and put it back in there. Make sure when you put it up on the stand the front brake isn't dragging at all - it's hard to tell on the rear because it's turning the drive shaft but you can always run it a tiny bit loose (the rear brake). It needs to be changed often, but you can actually put FORD ATF in the motor. That makes your engine oil 7 - 7.5 weight and the bike will rev quicker. It's cheap, you can change it fairly often. BUT USE FORD so your clutch doesn't slip! (TYPE F ATF) What are the rules for dirt track - are you allowed to do modifications or do they have to be pretty much stock like for motocross? Mikeee P
  12. Mikeee P

    Crf230 big gun rev box?

    And see after years of racing motocross, I wouldn't ride a little thumper without a rev box. Have one on my 70, 100, 150 and 230. For me, by getting up into the revs like that when I shift and catch the next gear, I'm higher in the RPM's and am definately quicker around the track. So unless your buddy is a screamer (like me) he's not going to see much help. LOL that didn't sound right did it? haha CRF150 Guy good post... (yours). Mikeee P
  13. Mikeee P

    Here's why you buy the 300 - part 2

  14. Mikeee P

    2012 250SX Horsepower

    Thanks so much for the reply. My post got so twisted up I was basically trying to ask if it was in the over-rev area... gee it was easy to write just then! haha I will tell you this... over-rev isn't a bad thing! (agreeing with you). If you really get up into the over-rev area when you shift the bike doesn't drop down as far so chances are it's up in the meat of the powerband. If you're racing whether woods/motocross when you need that last little bit coming up to a jump face, or into a turn without having to shift because sometimes you just can't because you're too close to the jump/corner etc... so that over-rev can be very nice! I have to tell you the numbers the new KTM 250SX are putting down ARE the numbers that full mod 250 two strokes put down. What an unbelievable engine! Mikeee P
  15. Mikeee P

    2012 250SX Horsepower

    So you're saying that it revs higher so for a moment there is a 7hp increase at total max revs above the stock powerband? Pretty much all the magazines are saying none of the pipes make that much diff on the recent (last few years) KTM250SX. That it's the silencer that is netting a 1hp increase in power since the stocker is restrictive. I've heard mentions of the infamous "Jeremy KTM Pipe" but then one mag says it's not even the same pipe anymore (that was designed for a 2003 bike as I recall). Who/where did you see or hear that there was a 7hp increase with the pipe/silencer combo. I'd like to see what stock is at the same RPM as I know it's not a 7hp PEAK increase in power ie: the bike isn't making 57hp with the pipe/silencer. It might just still be making 50hp when the stock motor drops down to 43hp etc... Very interesting, been looking to find out more about the Katoom pipes. So you heard about this where? I'd love to know more... thx Mike