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  1. i would say that it would be exactly the same, but im not positive
  2. dont lean so far back either
  3. Do you do much riding? its just that my side cases on my engine are scratched as
  4. When u take off try to keep your body at 90 degrees to the flat ground if u know what i mean.
  5. Says Australia
  6. Thanks for the tips every one
  7. Yep got my letter today and booked it in with the dealer
  8. I agree
  9. Thanks guys, anything else i should know?
  10. Hey everyone, im racing a sandy track this sunday and i just wanted to get a few pointers from everyone. I have never ridden a sandy track and it would be good if somebody could help me out, thanks so much.
  11. Omg i think i pissed myself ahaha
  12. Holy crap the white one looks shit hot im definatly gettin one!!
  13. Buuuump , 36 views and no replys? c'mon guys
  14. Hey all, I am 16, 6' and 80 kilograms (not sure how many pounds that is) i have recently joned a gym and started my training for mx. Although one thing i need to get sorted is my nutrition, i really have no idea on how to plan my meals and what to have? I would like to lose about 10 kilos and i think that it is posible if i start to eat right. So if anyone could please give me a basic weekly eating plan i would be very greatfull! Thank you all very much -Jay
  15. Bump it up, anybody got pics?