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  1. Big bore? KTM 950R Superenduro. No question.
  2. I'm considering getting another Honda XR. (I had the Paris to Dakar XL600 in 85) I want to know if any of ya'll have put a ton of miles on them? When do the motors usually need a rebuild? I weigh 300 pounds and want to ride it on and off road. To Baja from Georgia and up and down and back...many times. I had a BMW GS ADV and want more dirt, but can the little Honda handle the mega road miles on the way home? Will it overheat on long days of back roads? I know they are bullet proof desert bikes, but I'm hoping one of you has put some serious miles on one. (like 50K in a year) ??? Thanks in advance, Vance (advrider Vance)
  3. Vance

    DRZ400E vs BMW 650 dualsport

    Hey! I had a BMW GS ADV and I'm not upper class! All beemer guys are not rich...I'm just too big for any of those tiny bikes. (6'6" and 325) A DRZ is like riding a friggen Schwinn to me. PS...with the right set up and rider you can rip the snot out of those things in the desert. Just sayin. V