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  1. I have a 2012 kx450 and have an opportunity to pick up some basically brand new 22mm offset triple clamps for $100 top and bottom. My question is that the guy selling them says they will fit 06-12 450 but on rg3 website this doesn't look true. any one no what the truth is about what year the clamps fit what year bikes? i think is 06-08 and 09-13 is this true? and can you use the stock stem with RG3 clamps?
  2. I just check my screen and it had worms. Is that shaft supppose to fit flush or stick out a little? Also what does it mean when oil come put of the over flow? I did change the oil but not the filter. I put a full bottle of the castrol super bike oil in. Is that ok?
  3. So I should check my valves first? How can I tell if they are worn out? Also how much will this cost me? I can do the work my self.
  4. My crf will only turn on (even if the enigne is cold) with the hot start. What is the problem?
  5. My bike is hard to start and when I took it out the plug was black and oilly. Do you think If I change the plug it will start easier?
  6. I finally got it started after 8 mins of kicking and when it did start and the choke was on it sounded like metal scrabing metal! Now im scared to ride it
  7. I have a 04 CRF450, I had the valves checked about 35-40 Hrs ago. I am a low to mid range rider and hardly hit the rev limiter. My bike won't start What can I do to get it to start . I missed riding today cause of it
  8. What made my rear rotor warp? I don't use my rear brake that much and when I do, it gets real hot. What rotor should I buy that is under $50?
  9. I ride my bike every week and every week I end up spending $40 on having a new tube put into one of my tires. I am thinking about doing it my self now because I have spent over $100 having tubes put in! I know I need a tire iron but how many? 1, 2, 3? Also how hard is it to do? Thanks
  10. So the 05 pipe doesn't fit at all? I thought the head pipe fits? I'm going to call my dealer in the morning
  11. My head pipe and muffler are beat up from use (such as dents everywhere and the "pipe guard" paint is looking bad) What should I buy a stock pipe or aftermarket? I do alot of ebaying and keeping an eye for any kind of pipe. I am a student with no job and money is tight. (Noting over $100) What should I do?
  12. What is the best oil filter for the money. I like to buy a couple at a time to save time and dont want to spend much.
  13. Is there any other brands that are cheaper? I dont need the seat cover i want the foam
  14. WOW you are a loser!!! Post the vid or never speak again!!!
  15. How should I clean my bike to keep it looking new? Also what soap get stains out of gear? How should I clean my boats?