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  1. TTR_Rooster

    Walker Valley

    Hey, Has anyone noticed that on Muddled Meanderings that they have a detour on part of the trail? Guys were getting stuck on the hill and here I was, on my TTR-90 riding right up the hill. It was a nasty hill climb, but very fun.
  2. TTR_Rooster

    TTR 90 Forks

    Ok, the link to the products is http://www.bbrmotorsports.com/Products/Products.htm, and you go right to Yamaha, then TTR-90 and look under Heavy Duty Fork Springs. Ride On
  3. TTR_Rooster

    TTR 90 Forks

    On my TTR 90, I've installed some BBR forks and they really help on the trail alot. They especially help at Walker Valley (Washington) with all the roots and rocks . It's great!
  4. TTR_Rooster

    Walker Valley Report 1-29-06

    This weekend, I made it up Coyote Trail, and only dumped it 1 or 2 times. I also noticed how great it is on Meanderings Trail how somebody made a opening in a root that was kind of a pain to get over... for me at least, it is right where the trail forks and the right side goes to the road. It was a great ride!
  5. TTR_Rooster

    How Is Ground Up At Walker Valley?

    How is the ground up at Walker? Anyone been up at Walker this weekend? Also, how is Meanderings Trail?
  6. TTR_Rooster

    How Is Walker Valley?

    Sorry, Thought I was in Northwest. I'll go post it in Northwest.
  7. TTR_Rooster

    How Is Walker Valley?

    How is the ground up at Walker? Is it icy/snowy?
  8. TTR_Rooster

    Walker Valley Report 1-29-06

    I agree with you, When I was coming down Cavanaugh, I stopped right by him with my bike running, and he couldn't hear me.
  9. TTR_Rooster

    Walker Valley Report 1-29-06

    Check out my garage. I just updated it.
  10. TTR_Rooster

    Walker Valley Report 1-29-06

    When I went up again on 2-11-06, I decided to go up on North Trail on my TTR-90E and man was it a mess!
  11. TTR_Rooster

    Traffic at Walker Valley

    It is definitely a zoo. Because of people carelessly riding , the DNR have all said to go to Walker. I hope they will not close Walker !
  12. TTR_Rooster

    Walker Valley Report 1-29-06

    I went up to Walker the other day. Went through my usual route. CaptainJ and I went up a darn jeep trail . It had 3 foot mud for crying out loud! I think it was there that my chain decided to get loose and have about 4 inches of slack hanging off ! Ever time I went through a puddle, I'd stall right in the middle of it! All considered, it was a good ride . Ride on