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  1. Why not an SV650 motor
  2. What colour is it now? Could Dye it black Have a search
  3. Hey bugs fancy seeing you over here
  4. Most enduro style headlights will be rubbish compared to the standard DR unit. The best after market headlight I have found was the UFO ray halogen 1691 Comes with a glass lensed high quality reflector unit powered by a H4 55/60w halogen bulb I have tried a few other units, most were either as good as a candle in a jar or average but not road legal.
  5. There are several places online where you can get them Take your pick
  6. I ride a ccm644 , same as the r30 with different body work . With a free flowing can there getting 45-50 HP on the dyno :thumbsup
  7. PM Sent
  8. Fancy seeing you here rob . yep there are a couple of rotaxs that made it over the pond
  9. Try 'central wheels' . Never had any problems with them
  10. Good find , can see it here
  11. If its only smokin on start up and stops when its warmed slightly, i would say its valve stem seals. They are cheap and not hard to replace so they are worth a try.
  12. Is it more of a clunk noise ? mine does this aswell . its the torque limiter stopping the kick back from destroying the motor
  13. If its a screeching noise when you press the starter its just the starter motor, it is in need of a strip down and clean along with a bit of grease
  14. How about some proper 'draggin' Kevlar lined motorcycle jeans Available in several styles and colours
  15. EX owner of a Modded DR435 Owner