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  1. My grandparents on my mothers side are from Cebu. I here it's a nice place.
  2. FSHammann

    Check This Out!

    Or you could go to South America (I think) and get one of these: XR250 Tornado - Red XR250 Tornado - Blue XR250 Tornado - Black
  3. FSHammann

    2007 KTM 250xcf-w review and pictures

    JohnnyMac, take a look to the right of the 250 specs in the pic. There's data for the bigger bikes as well.
  4. FSHammann

    2007 KTM 250xcf-w review and pictures

    There is a manual. That's how we got this: http://img16.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc10ℑ=86291_07Manual__Chassis.jpg
  5. FSHammann

    Is Hawaii ruined now?

  6. FSHammann

    2007 KTM Lineup, from KTM

    250 / 400 / 450 / 525 XC lineup chassis (read 250 weight) specs. from my '07 manual. Click for the full size pick: I can't wait for my 250 XCF-W to come in.
  7. FSHammann

    Is Hawaii ruined now?

    For those who are interested there are three articles in today's local paper: Fishing debate not over in NW Isles Marine sanctuary not that great if you depend on fishing Lobster fishery remains battered As Mr. Spock would say, "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."
  8. FSHammann

    Is Hawaii ruined now?

    No, it's a good thing. The main islands are over fished as it is. Only commercial fishing, touring, and research is done in the NW islands. Thanks go out to Gov. Lingle and the Bush administration.
  9. FSHammann

    Twisted knee and ankle

    What a bummer. After 6 sixs weeks of no ride I had to fall and get hurt. Xrays showed nothing was broken. What a bummer. Luckily I missed a coil of razor wire by about 2 feet from my chest. On the plus side, my buddy (about 6', 275 lbs.) said my 280 felt like it had more bottom end than his 450 EXC. He scooted up a nice hill for me no problem. I think my JeNNy was upset that I hadn't taken her out for so long.
  10. FSHammann

    Hot start

    My 280 came with an XR's Only hot start installed. In conjunction with a little wide open throttle it sure does help when I dump my ride. Sometimes if I stall uphill I use it (after 2 kicks and no luck). Fires right up.
  11. FSHammann

    Lord, Please Stop Raining

    I'm on Oahu. Never rode Maui. Never been to the UK either. The tourists had it bad here on Oahu. Not only did it rain, but there was a raw sewage spill in Waikiki. The water is contaminated pretty bad. Yes, it's been very wet and muddy. But we still kept on riding.
  12. FSHammann

    Lord, Please Stop Raining

    I know what you mean. It rained for about 6 weeks here. This week was the first week we worked 5 days. Never stopped us from riding though.
  13. FSHammann

    octain boost

    Octane required depends on the compression ratio. I'm at 10.5:1 with my 280 piston which is slightly higher than the stock ratio. I've been using 25% VP Racing Fuels C14, 75% 92 pump gas. My bike runs way better. When things start to heat up (1st gear mazes and switchbacks) it runs much smoother and a little cooler as compared to when running 100% pump gas.
  14. FSHammann

    Building My Tool Bag!!

    Thanks to this thread my tool bag is gettin' modied also. Small vice grip sounds good. No tire repair stuff yet though. With all the extra gear I think I'm gonna stitch me a nylon pack that can fit nice and tight behind my number plate, keeping my personal stuff and first aid in my Camelbak. Sounds like you got bit by some tire gremlins drj.
  15. FSHammann

    Building My Tool Bag!!

    Unless leaves are your thing, I like a little TOILET TISSUE in my pack.