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    Power mwhahaha

    hotcams 258° 8.8mm lift This is what i heard from ABP racing: Hello ! Stage 2 = IN/EX 260° 9,0mm Lift Stage 3 = IN/EX 262° 9,5mm Lift Greatings Fa. ABP-Racing GmbH Breitwasenring 32 72135 Dettenhausen Tel.: 07157-620222 Fax.: 07157-620223 www.abp-racing.de Geschäftsführer: Ralf Peter Welzmüller Amtsgericht Tübingen HRB 2353 This cams don't have aoto decompression. You need a sleeve for the 102.4 mm piston or you can use a stock cylinder from the xr650l or NX 650 and have that one bored. And yes, the 720cc piston for the XR650L can be used on the XR 600 with a sleeve but you have to modify the block. I would not go to the stage 2 or 3 camshafts with this one because off the piston weight and with this kind off displacement there is no need to do +8000 rpm. Don't touch the intake runners, they are already on the large side, but you could benefit from bigger valves or higher lift for the big bore without losing low-end torque. Headtrauma is wright about maximum power and compression ratio, but you will have to get the cylinder milled down to get that high with the 102.4 mm piston and stock head. for the exhaust i would go for a good set of headers and a mufler with as little backpressure as possible. And don't forget we have 98 octane pump gas here in Belgium! You can find some pictures here http://www.supermotard.be/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=14597 @WR250F captain:70 HP out off a 450 with usable power band? If i had to choose for enduro or supermoto: 70Hp with power starting to come up from 5~ 6000 to 11000RPM or from idle to 8000 RPM, you know what i would take!
  2. Gremco

    2005 XR650L dyno graph

    Try the Mikuni TM42 on the stock bike!
  3. Gremco

    Power mwhahaha

    What you need for a 660cc setup: Big bore wiseco 102.4mm 9/1 CR piston, Hotcams cam, 42 or 45mm Mikuni TM carb, CRD or ABP headers, free flowing mufler and Hotshot CDI box. When properly tuned you get your 55hp and you will be fine for years. My son has been riding one like these in supermoto trim for a few years with 11/1 CR and mikuni tm42. With supermoto tuned cr250 UPSD, motomaster brakes,nx 650 gearing, masive torque from idle to top and 120 Kg this is a CRF killer. Remember nothing replaces displacement! I am rebuilding his engin now and i will post dyno charts when the engine is broken in. I am tuning a 1989((!) NX650 engine for myself. This one will be 720cc, 11/1 or even more, stage 2 or 3 cam, other valve springs, bigger intake valves and the rotating mass will be lowerd to XR600 specs or lower. I have high expectations off that one! Happy tuning and do not forget to put a new oil pump in!