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  1. crashmeout666

    Xr's Only order

    Where is he now?????????????
  2. crashmeout666

    Xr's Only order

    Jimmy? Haa!!
  3. crashmeout666

    Xr's Only order

    Funny you say that! I know Rob and deal with him quite a bit. Again as a rider I have better things to do (RIDE) in stead of play on the comp!! Pass word has been the same just dont feel the need to dork out on the comp!!! Nice talking to you too. Not really.
  4. crashmeout666

    Xr's Only order

    I'll check back later I'm out of work in 5 minutes. Nice talking to you! Im out to ride.
  5. crashmeout666

    Xr's Only order

    This the longest that Ive been online without being injured and I still find it silly!!
  6. crashmeout666

    Xr's Only order

    Being a rider myself I dont think anyone should be lied too about stock or shipping. I know they do there best and I guess that they cant make everyone happy but I also think it is rediculous that you think this forum can shut down the monster that is XR'S ONLY. At least I think that was your implication. Now I have gone through and read some previous posts and I find it kind of silly that there is only 6-10 different people posting over and over and over. Kind of redundant? See my point is I ride and have rode for over 30 years. I find when I actually have time I am out riding! No exceptions! Other than that if you think they are hard to deal with get your parts from some strip mall flunky at chapparel or Berts mega mall!! Are you kidding me? At least most of that shop rides! Dont tell me in all the time you spend posting to look for a reaction on here you could'nt be riding? Again not trying to piss people off but maybe I've been lucky?
  7. crashmeout666

    Xr's Only order

    Actually I'm from the high desert in Cali. Dont know why it says Colorado. Will try to fix that if I can figure out how. Not too comp savy!
  8. crashmeout666

    Xr's Only order

    I dont understand all of the hostility? Do any of you own a shop? Are you familiar with what it takes to run a shop? OK they might be disorganized and I will give you the employees have lack of communication but considering how small of a shop they are the majority of REAL riders (Baja, d37 most of the local fast guys) all still seem to shop there. They of coarse know what there dealing with when needing something they only have or dont. Any rider in the desert will also tell you that if you need something on thursday and have a race on sat,say machine work,motor work,suspension or whatever it will be done. Now I could be wrong and maybe I have had better luck but everytime Iask for anything I usually get it even if I'm strapped for cash they seem happy enough that I just run there stickers at the races until mon tue so I can pay for what I needed. Again this could be just luck and again I dont have time to play on the comp and jump on the bandwagon to bash somebody without them able to reply or explain circumstances. Not trying to upset anyone I just find it silly to bash a pretty good company for what they have to work with. If you've been there you know what I'm talking about. C-YA