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  1. I'd check your clutch before tearing the bike apart
  2. Got this little gem yesterday. Like others have said they got it to me fast. Be careful though, there are 2 different styles spec'd for 2017... FE501 TX300
  3. I've got one ordered, CLU-1000 for 2017 FE501
  4. Follow up after a few months with the IMS big tank. Too many small issues, went back to the stock tank with the GYTR rad guards. 1. Doesn't seem to give a true 3 gal. I did a ride where I ran the gas down about as far as I'm comfortable with on a FI bike. 2.5 gallons filled it. There is gas held in the lower part of the wings which you can only access by wheelying back to the truck. On a carbed bike I wouldn't care about running out of gas, tipping it over to get a little more, repeat until you get home or completely run dry and start walking. Don't want to fry my pump so this isn't an option here. 2. Crush damage to both rads. nothing major but they were mostly slow/no speed drops in technical terrain. The tank obviously offers some protection but nothing like the stout Al on the GYTR guards which have already been tested and are doing their job! 3. Worried about poking a hole in one of those wings. There are some scuffs there from the few drops I've done and I ride in some nasty rocky stuff with is only getting worse (actually better!) as the snow melts and higher terrain opens. 4. It's a bit girthy. Didn't notice it much when I installed but sure did when I removed it. Might be psychological but the bike felt lighter and more responsive in quick side to side movements. 5. Lastly, and what really became the deal breaker for me, you have to practically tear the bike down to get to the spark plug. Dump the bike in a creek crossing and you will be doing some rather involved disassembly trailside to get to that spark plug. I now just carry a fuel bottle or two in case the ride goes longer than 60 miles or I get a little throttle happy. On a positive note, I looked over the tank a bit after removal and I didn't see any obvious rub points so it appears the tank I received the fitment was spot on.
  5. I've got a 2015 WR250f with rekluse, FX muffler, comp ecu, no throttle stop, etc... I ride a lot of very technical terrain, slow speed rocky stuff. I messed around with maps, currently have a modified aggressive map loaded and it works great for me. I noticed some on/off throttle jerkiness and fixed it by adding a little fuel at that spot on the map.
  6. I ordered the GYTR braces off eBay, they came from NC I think - didn't have to order from Australia. A little tricky to fit but very stout. I only got one ride in with them before I had to take them off as they're incompatible with the big IMS tank. I had ordered the unabiker ones but didn't like how they fit and they press very heavily on a rad house. Unabiker does have great customer service though and I did exchange the WR ones for a set for my DRZ.
  7. I got one of the P3 ones as well and am not all that impressed. It doesn't fit that the way I think it should and I can't use it with the big IMS tank. So I would like one of your guards if you're still making them
  8. I think it looks ok with white plastic. I did up a template and am going to have some graphics made. It is a bit of a PITA to fit. Some of that is yamaha's fault. What is with that fuel line quick disconnect? It's horrible and not at all clear how to work it. And the electrical connection for the pump is right in the same space and hard to disconnect. I'm surprised I didn't break anything. The tank is a bit fiddly to fit into the subframe but nowhere as difficult as fighting with the damn fittings. I reused the gaskets and haven't seen any leaks. fingers crossed. I had to cut a zip tie on the fuel line under the little right side black cover so I could route it under the pump for enough slack to connect. First ride with it will be tomorrow. It gives the bike a bit more girth but I don't expect it to affect handling much.
  9. I've got one but I don't have the IMS tank so I can't say it fits or not.
  10. Done!