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  1. hennikerjd

    Bolt on small rear fender bag

    +1 I've got the fender bag and tool roll. High quality and good price.
  2. hennikerjd

    Hey Idaho! What you think of this trail conflict?

    I'm going to give this stinky horse a kick. Dude was out of line for the simple fact that you DON'T treat women like men. You just don't. They aren't men and it's a very rare chick that can take the ribbing that men lay on each other. There's some men that can't take that kind of heat but even the biggest d***hebag (adv nowwhat) is more of a man than most women - if only just barely. The other reason you don't treat women like men is that they will start looking like men. We'll end up with a bunch of examples like those above. I don't want that. You don't want that. Nobody wants that. So treat women like the sweet things they are. Say nice things to them. Don't imply they can't do something even if you're 90% sure they can't. Just smile, wave, give the thumbs up and when they're safely out of earshot continue the conversation. Is this sexist? yes, and I don't care. Is it chauvinistic? no. hey TigerT, made a plea on your behalf over in snowflakeRider. I don't expect much from it and if that's the case I'm going to war on that POS nowrat.
  3. hennikerjd

    Have you ever had to abandon your bike?

    That's a KDX. Put some gas in it, it'll run. Can't kill those things. Lord knows I tried.
  4. hennikerjd

    Downieville 2018

    Any trail that has a backboard hanging at the entrance should give you pause.
  5. hennikerjd

    Thinking of adding a wr250f or yz250fx to the stable

    I've got a 2015 WR250f that I derestricted, added rekluse, comp ECU and 250fx exhaust. I also have 2017 Husqvarna TX300 and FE501. My favorite is the Yamaha. I love that bike. The suspension is fantastic, I can rip on it and it has Yamaha reliability. The TX300 is better in the really nasty stuff hands down. It has tons of low end torque and is a featherweight compared to the 4T's. But I did everything that I currently do with the 300 on the WR initially. Harder work in the gnar but when the trails open up a bit I'm faster on the 250f and having more fun. The 500 can do everything too but it always feels heavy. With the 250f the weight pretty much disappears once your moving, not so with the 500. The 4T's are much more planted than the 2T - great when running through rocks, roots, streams. Not so great when you want to quickly change your line. If you're into the really hardcore gnar then you can't beat the 300 2T, such an advantage in torque and light weight. But if you ride a mix of trails with more open flowing type being the norm the 250F is more fun - they'll rev forever and won't wear you out.
  6. Glad I rode it before they fix it. Like the flume trail
  7. hennikerjd

    16 yz250f exhaust packing

    My 2015 250fx muffler had the same setup.
  8. hennikerjd

    2018 WR250F Forks Sticky

    Slide a seal doctor or whatever they call them or a sticker (with backing still attached) up under the oil seals and let a little oil weep out. Give it a few bounces and see if that helps.
  9. hennikerjd

    2019 Yamaha YZ250F Review, Impressions

    compared to BNG electric start is a pretty big upgrade
  10. hennikerjd

    2019 Yamaha YZ250F Review, Impressions

    as compared to...?
  11. hennikerjd

    The I Love My FX Thread

    Does a 2015 WR250f built to FX specs qualify? I derestricted it and put the competition ECU in before I even started it. Take off FX muffler scored off Eb@y followed soon after. Added a PMB endcap to be forest legal. Love the bike. Have a 2017 TX300 and FE501 as well but I won't even consider selling the Yamaha. Except maybe for a 2020... I've done some pretty gnarly Sierra singletrack with it and yes it is more work than the 300 2T but when the trails open up a little and you can rev it out I'm faster on it than the 300. And the suspension! Hit anything, it'll soak it up.
  12. hennikerjd

    Top end

    I'd check your clutch before tearing the bike apart
  13. Got this little gem yesterday. Like others have said they got it to me fast. Be careful though, there are 2 different styles spec'd for 2017... FE501 TX300
  14. I've got one ordered, CLU-1000 for 2017 FE501
  15. hennikerjd

    2015 WR250F gas tank options?

    Follow up after a few months with the IMS big tank. Too many small issues, went back to the stock tank with the GYTR rad guards. 1. Doesn't seem to give a true 3 gal. I did a ride where I ran the gas down about as far as I'm comfortable with on a FI bike. 2.5 gallons filled it. There is gas held in the lower part of the wings which you can only access by wheelying back to the truck. On a carbed bike I wouldn't care about running out of gas, tipping it over to get a little more, repeat until you get home or completely run dry and start walking. Don't want to fry my pump so this isn't an option here. 2. Crush damage to both rads. nothing major but they were mostly slow/no speed drops in technical terrain. The tank obviously offers some protection but nothing like the stout Al on the GYTR guards which have already been tested and are doing their job! 3. Worried about poking a hole in one of those wings. There are some scuffs there from the few drops I've done and I ride in some nasty rocky stuff with is only getting worse (actually better!) as the snow melts and higher terrain opens. 4. It's a bit girthy. Didn't notice it much when I installed but sure did when I removed it. Might be psychological but the bike felt lighter and more responsive in quick side to side movements. 5. Lastly, and what really became the deal breaker for me, you have to practically tear the bike down to get to the spark plug. Dump the bike in a creek crossing and you will be doing some rather involved disassembly trailside to get to that spark plug. I now just carry a fuel bottle or two in case the ride goes longer than 60 miles or I get a little throttle happy. On a positive note, I looked over the tank a bit after removal and I didn't see any obvious rub points so it appears the tank I received the fitment was spot on.