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  1. bedheadben

    Amazing skills

    Mod bikers unite! He's got Holy Rollers, haha.
  2. bedheadben

    brake tapping and engine revving

    Now that is a good paragraph of advise right there. Those tips have helped me loads!
  3. bedheadben

    Where's My Oil Going???

    Wow, okay. That was really helpful, thanks!
  4. bedheadben

    Where's My Oil Going???

    He thinks that because the professional ATV guy said so:excuseme:
  5. bedheadben

    Where's My Oil Going???

    Ya, maybe a little lower around 800, but in that ballpark. I now know, and will be checking up on it all the time, and changing it every other ride.
  6. bedheadben

    Where's My Oil Going???

    okay, well I was checking the oil on the lower left hand side of the bike near the crank case. where is the other dipstick? And where was the oil going? Oh ya, and I will change every 4 rides because my rides are usually 40 miles or less.
  7. bedheadben

    Where's My Oil Going???

    Okay, so here is the background. I got my CRF250X for Christmas last year, and during the hard break in period (as recommended by the dealer and several mechanic friends) I would replace the oil a lot. After that I got most of the CCC mods. But then when i was done with the break in, I put in some of that nice Honda synthetic oil, and I've ridden about 1000 miles on it and had no problems. But, stupid me, I would always lube the chain, wash my bike, fill it up, and all the other easy maintenance, except I was forgetting to check my oil. So, the other day before I started riding, I let it idle for 5 minutes to warm up, because I realized I should check my oil. I then turn the bike off, pull out the dipstick, wipe it off, and stick it back in. And guess what? There was absolutely NO oil in it! So I put more of that recommended honda sythetic stuff in, until it reached full on the dipstick, turned it on, and after a few minutes, it rode better than ever before. So, please tell me, did I shorten the life of my motorcycle, or possibly get close to killing it? Is it regular for it to make synthetic oil disappear? Either way, I'm going to the shop later this week to get it looked at. And yes, I now see that you are supposed to replace the oil every 200 miles. No wonder they say it is high maintenance. Oh ya, and I know it's not leaking any.
  8. bedheadben

    250X fork sticking

    Hmm, sounds like he blew a seal. Take it to a mechanic to get it assessed before he rides it again.
  9. bedheadben


  10. bedheadben

    Best bike for trail riding

    One reason I'm a 4stroker4life is that in Cali we have restrictions to the seasons that two strokes and even some four strokes can be ridden, so I gotta have the Green Sticker of my CRF250X
  11. bedheadben

    05 250x popping on deceleration

    Hey, you guys, don't worry about it, it's called backfiring and is a normal thing for any bike to do under heavy deceleration. What is happenening is that gas vapor is building up in the exhaust pipe and making a little explosion, ever seen flames come out the back of a pipe? That's what make it do that. I hope that helped!
  12. bedheadben


    Ya it will pass the inspection, but when you're out desert riding (which is the kinda riding we've got out here in SoCal) they point WAY to low and are too dark to help when going fast, and it doesn't help at all when going slow either.
  13. bedheadben


    Ya, the stock headlight is completley useless, might as well throw it away and put on a number plate and save weight unless if you plan on replacing it.
  14. bedheadben

    What is the advantage to 18"?

    Allows for higher profile tires which protect the rim better, and a stronger rim. Try braking a wheel with an 18 inch rim and pencil thick spokes, I bet you can't do it!
  15. bedheadben

    Best bike for trail riding