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    IMS Fuel Tank

    Hi, I have an IMS plastic fuel tank that I bought for my DRZ400S, but it does not seem to fit. It has been suggested that it may be for the 'E' model as the 'E' tank attaches in a different way to the 'S'. The tank is marked DR-3. Pictures: http://www.alexandrafirst.co.uk/km/ebay/DSCF0592.jpg http://www.alexandrafirst.co.uk/km/ebay/DSCF0595.jpg http://www.alexandrafirst.co.uk/km/ebay/DSCF0596.jpg I intend to sell the tank, probably on eBay, but dont really want to list it until I know what bike it is definetly for. If anyone has one of these or knows what bike it is for could you please let me know. Thanks in advance, Kris Martin.
  2. krismartin

    Tyres For Iceland

    Hi all, I'm taking my DRZ-S K3 touring the interior of Iceland in August. I have done all the usual mods for off road (bigger IMS plastic tank, renthal enduro/dakar high bars, sumpguard, engine casesavers, 47t rear sprocket, ss output shaft/wheel spacers, Acerbis brushguards etc...) However, the one thing I haven't yet sorted is the tyres. After reading all of the previous posts on here I have narrowed it down to Michelin AC10s, T63s, or maybe even Continental TCK80s or Metzeler Karoos. The trip will consist of about 600 miles on tarmac (getting to Aberdeen for the ferry and back) and around 1400 miles on gravel and dirt trails with quite a bit of rocky and sandy bits thrown in. There will also be alot of river crossings. We will be carrying camping gear, food, tools etc so there will be a fair bit of weight on the bikes. I would probably prefer to run the AC10s as they should have the best grip offroad and I'm happy to keep the speed down on the tarmac sections. I'm just not sure if they would last the distance. Any feedback on the performance or lastability of any of these tyres would be most helpful. Also, it would be great to hear if anyone has any experience of touring on the DRZ in Iceland or anywhere else. Thanks, Kris Martin England