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  1. I just went to a local locksmith shop and they made a couple of extra keys for me.
  2. turn8a

    650R Supermoto Cush or no Cush

    vanillagurilla could you please measure the length of your kick stand .It looks like your bike leans the perfect amount. thanks again. 2013sm sorry for the hijack good luck with your setup!
  3. turn8a

    650R Supermoto Cush or no Cush

    thanks for the info. I have the 15/48 on the stock rims . The excel rims came with the 45 rear sprocket.Not going to race will do most of my riding on the back roads no highway.
  4. turn8a

    650R Supermoto Cush or no Cush

    I just bought a set of used excel wheels no cush drive. Nice bike . Don't want to hijack the thread but what gearing did you end up going with and how many links for the chain?
  5. turn8a

    chain GUARD for XR650R?

    I'm outside of Philly. I would find a mom&pop type cycle shop and get it inspected there. From the pa dot web site. 175.155. Chassis (a) Condition of Chassis - All items on the chassis shall be in safe operating condition as de scribed in §175.160 (relating to inspection procedure). (b) Vehicle Frame - A vehicle frame shall be in solid condition. (c) Seats - A motorcycle shall be equipped with a seat for the operator which is firmly anchored to the frame or support. No metal spring shall protrude from the driver’s seat. (d) Chain guard or drive Shaft Cover - A covering device to prevent contact with a rider while in a normal riding position must be provided. (e) Stands - A motorcycle stand shall operate and be strong enough to support the vehicle and stay in the proper position when not holding the bike in standing position.
  6. turn8a

    chain GUARD for XR650R?

    where are you located in Pa. ? I run my xr650l with out a chain guard and i live in Penna. But I think you are right that it is a required item.
  7. turn8a

    Need help finding front wheel bearings

    thanks so much for the info!
  8. turn8a

    Need help finding front wheel bearings

    I also have a rad hub could you post the replacement # of the bearings that you got. thanks
  9. turn8a

    Where do you buy your tires ?

    I usually use americanmototire.com
  10. turn8a

    Rear fender

    sometimes it is easier to just throw them away than try to give them away.lol
  11. How are you liking the drz so far?
  12. Outside of Philly the Reading area.
  13. My drz was pretty stable at speed. A pipe and the 3x3 mod jet kit will wake it up a little. Where are you located in Pa?
  14. turn8a

    Sumo Question

    I'm currently running 100% street tires on my xr650l 21/18 .They are the Bridgestone battlax bt-45's. Handles great .Still looking to buy a 17inch wheel set from procycle.
  15. turn8a

    Ultimatum - Have to sell my 2017 DRZ-400SM

    I use to tell them ." I have a had a motorcycle before you and I will have a motorcycle after you" pretty much end of story.lol