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  1. turn8a

    Need help finding front wheel bearings

    thanks so much for the info!
  2. turn8a

    Need help finding front wheel bearings

    I also have a rad hub could you post the replacement # of the bearings that you got. thanks
  3. turn8a

    Where do you buy your tires ?

    I usually use americanmototire.com
  4. turn8a

    Rear fender

    sometimes it is easier to just throw them away than try to give them away.lol
  5. How are you liking the drz so far?
  6. Outside of Philly the Reading area.
  7. My drz was pretty stable at speed. A pipe and the 3x3 mod jet kit will wake it up a little. Where are you located in Pa?
  8. turn8a

    Sumo Question

    I'm currently running 100% street tires on my xr650l 21/18 .They are the Bridgestone battlax bt-45's. Handles great .Still looking to buy a 17inch wheel set from procycle.
  9. turn8a

    Ultimatum - Have to sell my 2017 DRZ-400SM

    I use to tell them ." I have a had a motorcycle before you and I will have a motorcycle after you" pretty much end of story.lol
  10. turn8a

    Should I get the MRD Z PRO?

    I agree with dirty boots I agree .My mrd did not seem loud to me. My wife use to complain about how loud some of my bikes were. She use to tell me she could hear me coming down the street. She never complained about the drz with the mrd pipe.
  11. turn8a

    Streetbike to DRZ SM...?

    I think the drz400sm makes the best additional bike you can add to your garage. I loved mine but I don't think it would have been the only bike in my garage.
  12. turn8a

    Cell Phone Holder?

    a little pricey but I like the one from www.adaptivtechnologies.com have one on my versys and just ordered one for my drz. The All New AdaptivMount™ Vibration is bad. It tends to rattle things out of place and wear things down. Vibration is especially bad when it breaks things that are not designed to withstand it, such as your GPS, cell phone, MP3 player, camera, radar detector or that other expensive gizmo that you have mounted on your bike. This is why we created the AdaptivMount™. The AdaptivMount™ is specifically designed to minimize the vibration transferred from your bike to your gadget with the patent-pending AdaptiSorb™ Anti-Vibration Technology. <img src="images/D-02-21-featured.jpg" alt="No Image" title=" No Image " width="200" height="240" /> AdaptivGrip
  13. turn8a

    Stock Battery Life

    When I was living in Nc about 6 months ago I would probably ride the drz about 2-3 times a week. Now living in Penna I'm lucky to ride about once every 2 weeks. When I do ride I try to ride at least about 25-50 miles at a time.I don't use the drz for transportation it is my play bike so once I start it it pretty much stays running till I finish my ride.
  14. turn8a

    Stock Battery Life

    I'm still on the stock 2009 battery .I do plug it into a trickle charge when I'm done riding.