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  1. will there be a clinic there? Those ambulance rides cost more money than I paid for my bike!
  2. pokerface

    Best Mod?

    I've had this bike since new (Nov. 03), Have the hot cam stage 1, and Ti4 exhaust. I get lots of seat time and practice. The top end was freshened up, piston, rings, PC head rebuild and mods, all 2 months ago. The carb is jetted correctly, but I wanted more snap off the bottom. Thanks for the advice, I think I'll do those airbox mods and see what happens!
  3. I hear you man, Those whaco's need to look at themselves for once. __________________________________________________________
  4. pokerface

    Best Mod?

    2004 CRF 450, what's the single best mod? I was thinking one of the carb inserts like Power Now or something like that.
  5. pokerface

    Quad or Bike, need guidance

    Be good if you could have both, then you'd have choices when you went duning. I love blasting dunes on the bike, but sometimes when you wanna just cruise, a quad would be nice since you could just sit and ride if you wanted. Remember, quads like to chase people when they fall off. Beware!!!!
  6. pokerface

    Tires made from gold?

    It's called "recreational vehicle", that's the problem. Plus we dirtbikers help to support those factory riders we love. It's not all about materials and engineering. But I do agree somewhat, we are getting raped. I use cheapo cheng shins on my play bike, and save the expensive dunlops for race day's and practice. I go through about 6 sets a year just from racing and practice. And I have a couple other sets as spares already mounted on rims for special conditions like sand and mud.
  7. pokerface


    yup, you're good to go man.
  8. pokerface

    Here is your typical quad driver.

    put a single 3.5" wide tire on the back of that quad and see how it does. Lets get your quad out in the woods and see who's crying.
  9. no it's a different recipe all together, most will add silicon to make the colors. Silicone does not wear good, hence the reduced lifespan.
  10. ya but ur not cool, all tha kool guyz uze em'.LOL, j/k man, those tire are ok for SEMA and all that, but for actual use, it's only a novelty.
  11. pokerface

    Ricky out?

    I think the canada rouds this year were the ultimate mind games. The vets- reed and rc don't want to show the cards until january 7, that's my opinion.
  12. pokerface

    How do you clean YOUR air filter?

    are you really that lazy? the chemicals do all the work, all you have to do is sqeeze it out and rinse it. geeze! maybe you should trade in your bike and get a nice big berkalounger and 56" television.
  13. pokerface

    How do you clean YOUR air filter?

    there are some really great and safe alternatives to the "old" method of dunking them in gasoline. Plus a lot of the new bio degradeable stuff is really effective and easy.
  14. pokerface

    Ricky out?

    I haven't heard that either, I doubt ricky broke his leg. Famous people can't keep any secrets. If he did, though it might give Bubba the breathing room he needs to get the title given to him like Reed got in 2004. But if Bubba gets Reed mad enough though, Reed will find the speed to make Bubba start looking over his shoulder and blocking lines.
  15. pokerface

    Any Trials Riders?

    Trials riders definately have "cool factor", I'm always amazed at the balance, coordination, strength, and skill it must take to pick apart nearly vertical rocky climbs, pick all the right lines and make it to the top, then turn around and come back down without dabbing feet, or at least very little of that. I have a couple videos of trials competitions, they do stuff that if I were to look at while riding my "real" dirt bike I'd be thinking, "no f-ing way dude!". Respect to trials.